Brewer & Bunney milks dairy market laundry area of interest

United Kingdom

A Cornwall company increased sales by £ 75,000 in just one month – adding an extra page to their website. Redruth-based commercial laundry specialist Brewer & Bunney wanted to reach more dairy farms as this can help make the milking process more sustainable and profitable. Bristol-based online web design and marketing company GWS Media has updated their website to make their niche services easier to access.

Dan Lloyd, Business Development Manager at Brewer & Bunney, said in the picture: “We know who our customers are – and this focused approach means they can find us more easily. We can trace half of the new business leads back to our online presence created by the GWS Media team. "

Brewer & Bunney, with decades of experience working with farms in the area, offers machines for washing everything from teatcloths to sheep fleece that run faster and at lower temperatures, saving energy and money. Engineers work with customers to eliminate the root causes of mastitis, a potentially fatal breast infection in cows.

Online presence

Lloyd said, “There is a real market in the dairy industry for industrial washing machines – with hundreds of reusable microfiber towels that need to be washed every day. But few were aware of our products or the savings they could make – let alone the challenge of the throwaway culture. "

“We realized that we need to change this. We shared with GWS Media what results we were looking for and they made it happen. "

Army veteran Dan, who has also worked in PSA construction and confidential waste management, met GWS Media's Finance Director Richard Graves while networking 16 years ago.

He said, “I implicitly trust the team. They understand our business vision and find ways to achieve it without a fuss. They also let me know if they think something is not going to work. "

Brewer & Bunney had previously spent money promoting web traffic with little success. The company only spends part of the money it invested with a previous online marketing provider at GWS Media – but has doubled its inbound leads.

Lloyd said, “I told the GWS Media team where we wanted to be and they did an analysis and came up with ideas that they implemented to get us there. The website is working very well now and is bringing in a lot of business. We were able to monitor the results personally instead of relying on a monthly report from an outside agency.

“We have created pages for relevant industries, e. B. Independent schools, nursing homes, hotels and campsites. The reason for the purchase is different for each area and the website now reflects this. GWS Media covers all areas, not just the technical side. Our website is easier to navigate – for example, people are directed to the appropriate page, testimonials and names. "

He went on to say that the work had resulted in dozens of new requests and a significant increase in web traffic.

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