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Rinnai, which offers a full line of unlimited continuous temperature and precise temperature water heating systems for the hot water needs of all textile care businesses, urges operators to claim their free continuous flow cost comparison report versus all other hot water supply systems. Rinnai not only offers this valuable service, but also continues to offer technical service, product and spare parts availability around the clock. and digital technology aids such as the Help Me Choose feature on

Rinnai continues to innovate to meet current challenges by providing a full cost comparison report tailored for any laundry that needs to update and improve their hot water supply units or systems. For the creation of the report only basic data from the location are required – location and size of the workshop, current hot water supply system, expected demand, number of outlets, peak consumption, required temperature (s) of the hot water.

This is then analyzed in a comprehensive report based on the physical and carbon footprint that includes the life cycle costs – specifically the initial capital expenditure and most importantly, for the site, the operating costs and any savings.

Once all the data has been collected and analyzed, the report is produced in all common formats, both electronic and printed, and is usually available within 24 hours. The report includes graphs, charts, and graphs of the impact of the hot water supply system currently in use, as well as possible options for greater and faster household efficiency.

Rinnai has aligned its entire operation to support locations in all industries and institutions in coping with the current situation. All locations have their own unique characteristics, premises, operations and work practices. For example, a wash may require an accurate temperature in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness of all chemicals used. Nursing homes may require a set temperature in the living areas, but very hot temperatures in the laundry for thermal disinfection of laundry.

With constant water and gas supplies, Rinnai's continuous hot water systems deliver an unlimited continuous flow of precisely temperature controlled hot water.

Rinnai continues to offer full service:
Rinnais Runcorn UK HQ Emergency Weekend Opening and Sales Support – open to all emergency / basic equipment supplies of new units and spare parts. Hotline for operational and technical support on weekends: Simply T: 01928 531870 and selected sales. If the call is not answered immediately, leave voicemail and the company will respond within an hour.

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