Anti-bird internet versus anti-bird internet: are they the identical?

Problems with nesting birds are more common than you think. In fact, many property owners are struggling to keep pest bird species like seagulls and pigeons away from their building. Unfortunately, there are many techniques that just don't work. Instead, professional services are recommended to solve the problem once and for all. Namely, you will hear about anti-bird nets and anti-bird nets.

But often real estate owners assume they are the same. They're both great options, but they're also different. Let's take a closer look at them to find the best option for your building.

Anti-bird net

First, let's talk about the anti-bird net. This is a humane solution that prevents bird droppings from messing up your building and prevents pest species from nesting. It can be used on any area of ​​a building you might like, e.g. B. on ledges and near high places. It is used as an impenetrable barrier and does not harm birds in the process. It simply acts as an effective deterrent.

One reason people like anti-bird netting on their property is because it is discreet and subtle. The mesh is available in multiple colors so owners can choose one that suits the building. This means that it is not easy to spot. Many people assume that the anti-bird net is a temporary rather than a long-term solution. However, this is not true. While it can be used temporarily, it can also be used for many years. It's strong and durable and can handle the elements. It won't absorb water and you don't have to worry about rot.

Anti-bird net

Then there are anti-bird mesh systems. In fact, they work much like anti-bird nets. The purpose of this system is to prevent birds from landing on certain areas of your building and not building a nest. Mesh can be used in a number of different ways and it doesn't matter if a part of a property is large or small. It can also be attached to almost anything from concrete and brick to stone and wood. Mesh is pretty subtle too, as is anti-bird netting on buildings.

Anti-bird net against anti-bird net - net

One of the main differences between anti-bird netting and anti-bird mesh is durability. Mesh is often recommended for areas of a building with heavy pedestrian traffic. The reason for this is that it will be much stronger and more stable. This network is less prone to damage, either accidentally or through vandalism. It cannot be cut or damaged like a net. In addition, a high quality network is used that will not rust despite the changing weather in the UK. Again, anti-bird mesh systems are designed to keep birds away from your building in a humane way. It won't harm them and it's just a barrier that keeps them from resting and nesting on a building.

Anti-bird net against anti-bird net

There is no doubt that anti-bird nets and anti-bird nets have their advantages. They are both a great solution to preventing pest bird species from nesting in your building. They are humane solutions and can be used temporarily or long-term. The real differences are in their looks and strength. Indeed, many people like how subtle the anti-bird net is because it comes in different colors. This can be discreet and not visible to the public when they visit your property. The aesthetics of the building are not compromised. However, some people also like the look of anti-bird mesh. This will be your personal preference.

You also need to consider where to position the anti-bird net or net. For example, if you need to keep birds out of high places in your building, you can use an anti-bird net. However, if you need to position this deterrent in low spots that are accessible to the public, it is recommended that you choose an anti-bird net. This is because of its strength and because it cannot be destroyed by anyone with access around it.

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