HelloFresh does the baking

Blueberry loaf cake with white chocolate ganache and pistachios
Brown butter peanut chocolate chip cookies

HelloFresh welcomes two new product offerings in May as part of its new and improved menu.

The delivery service for meal sets launched its dessert portfolio in February. Now the team has released new baking recipes that offer a variety of six-step recipes for weekend or special occasion baking.

The new menu was inspired by the most wanted baked goods in Australia in 2020.

“As more people turn to baking in the cooler months, this is the perfect time to bring new baking recipes to market and give customers another opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of cooking with their friends and family to share, ”said Tom Rutledge, CEO of HelloFresh Australia.

For USD 13.99, customers have the option to choose a baking recipe with six servings per week. Recipes include: double chocolate cake with ganache frosting, white chocolate chips, and candied hazelnuts; Spiced carrot and nut cake with orange and cream cheese frosting; and Brown Butter Peanut Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Char Siu pork and sesame soy green with chilli ginger oil pickled cucumber

Try tours

HelloFresh is also teasing the taste buds with brand new recipes exploring different international cuisines and flavors.

For $ 4.99 per serving, the dining experience includes the China-inspired Char Siu Pork with Chilli Ginger Oil, Sesame Soy Vegetables, and Pickled Cucumber, and the Korea-inspired Fried Chicken Burger with Sesame Fries, Smashed Cucumber, and Sriracha Mayo.

Other cuisines that make up the Taste Tours menu are Japanese, Argentine, Moroccan, American, and Indian.

The Taste Tours menu is available for a limited time of 7 weeks.

Says Mr. Rutledge, "With our Taste Tours menu, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to experience a wider variety of delicious dishes and cuisines from home."

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