Lynx handles the marriage and cleansing of Eastpac

United Kingdom

Lynx Dry Cleaning Supplies (Lynx DCS) announced that it has acquired the Eastpac Group's wedding and cleaning arms. All customer business was transferred to Lynx at the end of March.

Harry Rahman, Director, Lynx Dry Cleaning Supplies, commented, “We believe this exciting acquisition will add to Lynx's long-term growth and open a variety of new businesses. Although 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, Lynx wants to grow, develop and diversify to protect its future.

“It's an absolute pleasure to be connected with Eastpac. Our plan is to continue the good service to the loyal customers and to expand the range of products we offer. We are a long established supplier in the dry cleaning and laundry industry offering quality products and service. We pride ourselves on having a wide range of products and services transferable to the bridal market. "

In a statement to its customers, Eastpac announced, “All wedding and cleaning supplies are now handled by Lynx DCS. As Eastpac continues our exciting story, we've decided that all of our wedding and cleaning customers would be much better served by a company dedicated to this particular industry.

“Eastpac has consisted of four departments for many years. Wedding, cleaning, retail and industrial. As consumer trends have changed, it has become more difficult to source many of our key product lines in reasonable quantities and at reasonable prices. Because of this, we made the big decision to outsource the dry cleaning and wedding supplies services to a company dedicated to this industry and able to source any suitable products and more. Because of this, we believe Lynx Dry Cleaning Supplies is in a far better position to deliver to you. "

Lynx Dry Cleaning Supplies turned 15 last year. It started in October 2005 in a single railroad arc and delivered a single product (Dowper Perc). In no time at all, it literally delivered everything a cleaner / washer could expect from its three purpose-built warehouses in Hainaut, Essex.

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