Discover new clients with the Discover My Cleaner digital listing

United Kingdom

With the UK exiting, a new digital platform was launched that could help textile care companies boost trade. Find My Cleaner is a one-stop cleaning shop for all cleaning services, including commercial laundries and dry / wet cleaners. The electronic directory is designed to put businesses in front of hundreds of potential customers and aims to improve the way commercial laundry is booked across the UK, the company said.

Find My Cleaner stated that it can help customers find commercial laundries more easily without the hassle of Googling, making recommendations, or asking for quotes and availability.

The digital platform offers members a subscription service that provides them with additional leads and inquiries through digital marketing, brand awareness through social media, and website traffic from blog articles with members and their services. Monthly subscriptions are £ 120 platinum, £ 60 gold, £ 40 silver. Each package contains a selection of services for businesses of all sizes.

The Platinum package is designed for larger companies with multiple locations across the UK. Gold is great for growing businesses looking to increase their weekly bookings. And silver is ideal for smaller independent businesses looking to increase their online presence.

Find My Cleaner emphasizes that no data is used by Google and the business details are used as part of a listing. Members can receive the rewards for additional bookings through Find My Cleaner with no commission and no additional charge on leads, just a small one-time annual fee that can start at less than £ 2 per day.

The Find My Cleaner website and app is initially launched for businesses, offering three months free with all 12 month subscriptions. Further information on the program can be found here.

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