Shoppers are demanding Australian made

Aussie consumers are proving they want to support their own businesses with new information from Roy Morgan.

The preference for Australian-made products in Australia has increased from 87% in 2019 to 93% in 2020.

However, only 21% of Australians said they were more likely to buy Chinese-made products, down 9% from 2019.

"Australian-made products saw a spike in support in 2020, with a large majority of 93% of Australians more likely to purchase an Australian-made product, up 6% from 2019," said Roy Morgan Michele Levine, CEO says.

"Less than 1% of Australians say they are less likely to buy a product that was made unchanged in Australia a year ago."

More statistics

Consumers are more likely to buy 55% of goods made in New Zealand than any other foreign country.

Right behind New Zealand is Great Britain with 51%, USA with 47%, Japan with 46% and Germany with 46%.

"Although the preference for Australian-made goods is very high in all age groups, Baby Boomers (96%) and Generation X (94%) prefer Australian-made products even more than other generations," says Ms. Levine.

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