Repairing and Repairing Your New Lenox Illinois Air Duct and Cooling Models

Have your energy bills increased lately? Is your living room a lot cooler than your bedroom? While most homeowners would suspect a problem with their cooling unit, almost no one considers the condition of the air ducts.

These large pipes create a road through which the conditioned air can travel from the main unit to all rooms in the house. However, if dirt obstructs this roadway, the HVAC system will no longer function efficiently. There are numerous heating and cooling companies around New Lenox, such as, that offer professional air duct repairs. These are the most common signs of a piping problem and reasons to call the professionals.

Signs of a problem

New Lenox homeowners should pay close attention to the condition of their air ducts, looking for signs of failure. For example, one of the most common signs of malfunction is the temperature difference between rooms. If a single room is significantly warmer than the rest of your home, your ducts may not be supplying enough cooled air. The lack of airflow from the vents is an important warning sign, indicating that something may be clogging the plumbing. Another symptom that indicates a compromised pipeline is frequent filter changes. These should be changed a few times a year, not every month. If your filters get surprisingly dirty at the end of each month, it's time to have your plumbing checked.

In addition, the state of the registers should also be checked regularly. If you notice streaks of dust on the ventilation slots shortly after cleaning, there may be a leak. Broken or squashed canals are also an unmistakable sign; You should get them fixed. It is of the utmost importance that your piping system is efficient. Otherwise, you would be paying high electricity bills in the summer months without reaching the cool indoor temperature you hoped for. With a pipe hole, about twenty to thirty percent of the conditioned air ends up in the basement or attic. Check out this website for some practical tips on how to repair holes in HVAC ducts.

There is no point in having a cool attic or basement as these household areas are uninhabited by residents. In addition, the poor performance of the piping wears out the entire HVAC system much faster than normal. If you hear strange noises from the air ducts or cooling unit, please contact your local HVAC specialist.

Common problems

All of the above signs indicate some form of air duct failure. For example, a hole in the pipeline is a clear sign of a leak caused by improper installation or damage by a rodent. If there is a leak in the system, the air will not move efficiently, resulting in a temperature difference between rooms.

Insufficient insulation is another common problem with the air duct that prevents the HVAC system from reaching the desired temperature. An unbalanced airflow can also occur if one of the vents blows significantly more air than the others. Many New Lenox homeowners face uninvited rodents and insects as they chew through their plumbing and cause serious damage.

Repairing and Repairing Your New Lenox Illinois Air Duct and Cooling Units - Securing

How can professionals help you?

If you suspect any of these problems in your home, contact a professional HVAC technician to check your plumbing. These experts start the inspection by assessing the condition of the main unit. They will then continue to inspect the branch ducts. Damage to the insulation in the form of mold and damp areas must be repaired immediately.

When detecting a pipe leak, professional technicians cover the hole with aluminum foil tape and patch it up with a mastic sealant. HVAC experts make sure your pipe insulation has an optimal vapor barrier to prevent moisture and mold problems. They also test the CO detectors, which are used to alert homeowners to a carbon monoxide problem. These staff will also decide if you need a professional cleaning of the plumbing by examining the inside with a flashlight.

Last word

Your pipelines deserve the best treatment. Don't fail to make it available!

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