MAGGI makes vegetarian recipes simpler

One in three Australians tries to limit their meat consumption and balance their weekly food preferences.

This means that there is strong evidence that there is interest in simple meat-free alternatives.

The MAGGI team has brought out a number of vegetarian-friendly recipe bases for your meals that families with different food preferences can use to have dinner together.

The new recipe bases are made from natural ingredients with a blend of real herbs and include cottage pie and spaghetti bolognese, as well as dishes with familiar flavors such as chow mein and chili con carne.

"The MAGGI team knows that interest in meat-free alternatives continues to grow and recognizes that Aussies are increasingly aware of their food choices, especially when they cook at home," said Nicole Fox, Head of Marketing Foods at Nestlé.

"MAGGI Your Meal Your Way recipe bases offer more choices to create tasty, authentic meals that bring families together and give home cooks the flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds."

The bases are intended to "reduce the stress and time pressure in the weekly planning and preparation of dinner".

The new MAGGI Your Meal Your Way basic recipe range is available nationwide in Coles, Woolworths and Independent supermarkets. The MSRP is $ 1.69.

Packs can be recycled in participating supermarkets using REDcycle rubbish bins.

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