How to decide on a conveyable therapeutic massage desk

We all know that health is wealth. Therefore, in addition to our work schedule, we have to refresh our mental and physical health every day. because we can work more efficiently when we are physically refreshed. Sitting in a chair in the office damages our lower back muscles, which causes many bone and muscle problems.

So sometimes we need a proper body-refreshing massage that normalizes our blood circulation and prepares your mind to focus on your work and daily life.

Why massage table

When we think of a full body massage these are the first things that you need to consider about the massage bed. You will only get a good feeling for a real body massage if your massage bed lies down comfortably and helps you to find the right position. This is the first requirement for a refreshing massage. So we can feel how the massage bed plays an important role in your refreshment.

Size consideration

While there is a tendency that the same stretcher can work in both medicine and aesthetics, it is not because each activity must have certain characteristics in terms of working and choosing a good work tool. If there is one key to practicing or getting massage in the best of conditions, there is no doubt that a good stretcher is a necessary tool for activity and one of the most important tools.

How to choose a portable massage table - adjustable face mount

Although there is a tendency that the same stretcher can work in both medicine and aesthetics, it is not, as each activity must have specific characteristics in terms of work and selection of good work equipment. Since there are many models and brands to choose from and these are usually offered at very low prices, the Costoffs Portable Massage Table will give you the best massage bed feature to make your investment as profitable as possible.

Stable or portable?

This is mainly due to the use of professionals. Usually, fixed stretchers are much safer and more convenient. For those who will do so with a consultation. Costoff's Portable Massage Table plays a very ideal role. This is because they are adjustable in height and tilt. The reason for padded backs is that professionals and patients can benefit from it very easily.

How to choose a portable massage table - parts

Why do we recommend COSTOFFS massage table

Its foldable design makes it easy to set up and close the hot tub. No tools are needed at all. Open the suitcase and you will see the bed legs inside, as well as other accessories. Pull out the legs and adjust them to the desired height. Then put a headrest, hand pallet, and two armrests in place. There are two knobs on each leg for 8 different height adjustments. The height of the massage table can be adjusted from 64 cm to 85.5 cm. In addition, the face mount is also removable and adjustable. The Costoffs portable massage table is made of beech wood legs, aluminum alloy frame and composite panels, and a spongy cushion covered with PVC leather. Selected materials and excellent workmanship offer you a pleasant experience and long-lasting service.

How to choose a portable massage table - Costoff massage table


Massage specific parts of your body to help you fall asleep. A good night's sleep is important for maintaining a balanced mind and body. But for some people, falling asleep is complex and sometimes even a source of anxiety. And all of this is only guaranteed if you can ensure a body-friendly massage table.

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