Web page for sore eyes. TRSA digital tour of Crown Linen LLC's Atlanta facility

United States

Join industry peers Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 12, at 1 p.m. ET on a narrated virtual tour of Crown Linen LLC's Atlanta facility, organized by TRSA, which costs $ 45 for members and $ 90 for non-members. The laundry is equipped with twice the capacity and designed for production.

Crown Linen's hospitality facility in Atlanta combines basic workflow concepts with modern technology to maximize employee productivity and friendliness. You will see a facility recover from the effects of Covid-19, implementing continuous improvement practices and fine-tuning techniques to maximize profitability now and produce higher volumes later.

The TRSA states that the views provided by the camera are superior to those of the naked eye. The recording is broken down into segments that correspond to the stops in the various production departments that you would make if you walked through the facility. This gives spectators the same opportunity to ask the guides questions before moving on to the next stop. They also have the advantage of being able to see each section with a 360-degree view without moving a muscle. Experts in equipping and operating the plant systems are available to discuss your observations after the tour.

Plant history

  • Opening year: August 2019
  • Size: 80,000 square feet
  • Employees: 100
  • Number of pounds processed: 45,000 pounds / day
  • Tunnel washing systems and washing extractors
  • With an automated sorting system that tracks the productivity of individual employees in real time
  • Separate chemistry room
  • All electrical is underground

The same virtual program will feature TRSA's F & B / Hospitality Roundtable, which describes how production, sales and service will evolve in the face of the changes caused by Covid-19. It is your opportunity to share your views on how TRSA can help leash, uniform and facility service operators with pandemic recovery.

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