Coles begins sustainability week

Coles is launching its second annual sustainability week for more than 118,000 team members across Australia.

The week is set to celebrate the supermarket's recent successes.

In addition, Coles’s new sustainability strategy is embedded, which is based on the pillars of Together to Zero and Better Together.

More than 2500 stores in the Coles Group will focus on a key area of ​​the sustainability strategy each day of the week through videos, posters and discussions from team members.

The topics of the week include:

  • Food waste – We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the partnership with SecondBite and donating the equivalent of more than 144 million meals to people in need.
  • recycling – 10 year partnership with REDCycle to collect more than 1.5 billion pieces of soft plastic.
  • packaging – 2,800 Coles branded products with the Australasian Recycling logo.

It also celebrates Coles, who works with industry stakeholders to reduce waste through the Australian Packaging Covenant's 2025 National Packaging Targets.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions – Net CO2-free emissions by 2050 and promises to reduce the combined greenhouse gas emissions of Scope 1 and 2 by more than 75% by the end of FY 30 (compared to FY 20).

"Since the introduction of our new“ Together to Zero ”strategy in March, we have further increased the motivation and focus of our team members on embedding sustainability in their daily activities," says Coles' Chief Sustainability, Property and Export Officer, Says Thinus Keeve.

In addition, Coles has launched special social media channels on the Yammer and Microsoft Teams platforms to stimulate company-wide sustainability discussions.

Mr. Keeve sums up: "We need all team members who are sustainability champions in order to be able to make a difference and drive change."

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