Viva La Physique to be seen in 2021 Naturally good

Jo Srbinovski

Sustainability also in the beauty category is increasing significantly due to consumer demand.

This will be a trend to be explored at the 2021 Naturally Good Expo B2B event held May 30-31 at the Sydney ICC.

These include Weleda's millet, wheat, and oat shampoos and conditioners, Herbatint's ammonia-free herbal hair dyes, and Dr. Bronner's organic hair care range.

In addition, Viva La Body will be a major exhibitor presenting its extensive range of solid shampoo bars and conditioners.

The Darwin-based company was founded more than 20 years ago by founder and director Jo Srbinovski and her husband Micko.

Viva La Body & Sustainability

The products use compostable paper and have no plastic packaging.

“Solid bars have been a real star in hair care, as one bar is the same as three bottles of liquid product,” says Srbinovski.

"The standard liquid hair care product consists of 80% water as a filler. However, we have developed a product where you add the water yourself and the bar does the rest."

Ms. Srbinovski further explains that the products are salon quality with less plastic packaging.

“We offer an extensive range that is suitable for all hair types. Each bar is pH balanced, certified palm oil free, certified cruelty free and vegan. We get great feedback from customers who say they love its ease of use and durability.

"They also say that their hair feels as soft and nourished as any liquid."

The popularity of online shopping via Covid-19 has only sparked public interest in their products, according to Ms. Srbinovski.

"When it comes to hair care, our combination of creamy curls shampoo and conditioner is our bestseller. Our entire range, including natural deodorant and firm face care products, is also selling well."

The company currently works with independent natural health and beauty retailers, as well as Flora and Fauna, Biome Eco Stores and Nourished Life.

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