Tradelinens units the alarm for an knowledgeable sleep panel to advertise "blissful bedtime".

United Kingdom

Luxury lingerie supplier Tradelinens emphasizes the importance of providing the best bedding for a good night's sleep. He brings together leaders from the fields of wellbeing, lifestyle and design to create his first expert sleep panel that offers a 360-degree approach to improving sleep quality for everyone.

With Dr. Kat Lederle as Resident Sleep Specialist, Ben Spriggs, Editor-in-Chief at ELLE Decoration as Guru for Lifestyle and Interior; Amy Heffernan, former interior designer at Wallpaper, as inspiration for the wellbeing of design; Jessica Black, Head of Purchasing at Firmdale Hotels PLC as an industry specialist, and; Robert Lancaster-Gaye, pictured, co-founder of Tradelinens.

In a series of informative sessions, blogs and articles, the specialists will examine the importance of sleep for our physical and emotional wellbeing and examine what it takes to sleep really well. You will examine the effects of technology habits, hectic lifestyles, and busy minds on nighttime routines and examine whether there are simple best practices that can be implemented for a blissful bedtime.

Thanks to their individual expertise and experience, they give customers the confidence to maximize their wellbeing during the day so that they can harness the true power of sleep at night.

Catherine Morris, Managing Director of Tradelinens said, “Our retail and consumer customers often ask us about the best ways to improve their sleep. We know quality bedding is essential, but we wanted to offer a more holistic solution. That's why we hired our dream team of experts to offer their guidance and support through the Sleep Panel. We look forward to listening to the discussions and better understanding the power of sleep and the positive effects it has on our daily lives. "

Following the recent success of the first limited-edition bed linen collection from Tielle Love Luxury * by Tradelinen in collaboration with up-and-coming designer Nick Snow, the panelists will also use their expertise to find the next best designer to join the jury.

You can find more information about the individual sleep experts here

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