Digital AI Uniform Fitter matches


3DLOOK, a pioneer in AI-first solutions for measuring and fitting mobile bodies, launched Uniform Pro, a digital recommendation system for measurement, fitting and sizing for the unified industry. As such, the product is of major importance for the unified rental market.

The AI-based solution enables unified manufacturing and rental companies to remotely measure end beams without personal contact or physical equipment and determine the right size for individuals. The solution, according to 3DLOOK, is transforming the $ 32 billion workwear market, which is expected to grow to over $ 42 billion by 2025.

"3DLOOK's solution has helped us eliminate the risk of incorrect hand measurements in order to lower the return on investment on the expensive radiation aprons we make," said Murry Pitts, CEO of Burlington Medical. “In addition, Uniform Pro allowed us to continue to provide perfectly fitting garments for healthcare workers when fitting sessions were prohibited and sales reps were not allowed to enter healthcare facilities during Covid-19. The workflow has never been so easy: We simply record the body measurements of end members via smartphones and thus reduce a previously time-consuming and inconsistent measurement process to just 30 seconds. "

"We have spent the last five years honing our technology, which has helped hundreds of fashion brands grow their businesses and drive down ROI while improving the online shopping experience for consumers," said Vadim Rogovskiy, CEO and Co-Founder of 3DLOOK. "We saw tremendous demand for a similar solution in the unified industry and we used all of our experience and know-how to deliver this innovative solution that enables a move to more efficient business processes."

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