Dye and dwell longer, Regenex urges

United Kingdom

Regenex challenges the hospitality and healthcare industries to dye tired laundry in order to revive them while also contributing to low-carbon ideals. After all, it has to be better than "burying" it in a landfill.

Commercial linen revitalization specialist Regenex has developed new textile dyeing systems that allow laundries to get the most out of any inventory. The company is expanding its unique dyeing service for tired laundry that has lost its original whiteness or color – to avoid many tons of this serviceable material being sent to landfill.

Directors believe that dyeing or re-dyeing is an underutilized solution for hospitality and healthcare laundry and are currently in discussions with customers and contacts about their options.

Regenex's vision of reducing CO2 emissions and conserving the world's resources is set out in a new whitepaper: "Don't Dispose of, Dye: Getting the Most Out of Linen with Dye", available free of charge from the Regenex website can be downloaded.

Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, the start-up is known for its patented stain removal processes for white linen. Now in its fourth year, it can add several major laundry chains in the UK and beyond to its client list.

So far, the company has also dyed 75 tons of material in trials and smaller contracts – and is now opening up these services to more customers and partners.

David Midgley, Regenex General Manager, said, “These are exciting times for new ways to save carbon and money through better line management.

“Companies wisely develop their green credentials as we prepare to enter a post-Covid world. An easy way to make big improvements is to be more careful with textiles and get the most out of them before ordering replacements. "

Sustainability policy is more important than ever. In its Global Risks Report 2021, the World Economic Forum declares climate change and damage to the human environment to be the greatest threat to industry.

Regenex, which recently received the International Green Apple Award for Good Environmental Practices, has dyed hospital blankets, work clothes, roll sheets, dishes, towels and bedding to date. Dyeing can save companies tons of carbon – and more than 50% of the cost of new items.

Paul Hamilton, Regenex Technical Director, said, “We have refined our processes and are excited to open our dyeing service. This will be vital for many laundries, hospitality and healthcare. It is a secret weapon for achieving low carbon ideals. "

Regenex offers all new customers a free 400 kg dyeing trial. Contact us by clicking here

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