What’s drain jetting?

Drain jets can be an invaluable option when you're dealing with clogged, clogged, or otherwise damaged drains. But what is it and how does it really work?

If you think you might need a drain specialist, here's an overview of when it can help.

What are Drain Jetting Services?

When draining the drain, high pressure water is pumped into a drain or sewer pipe and cleaned quickly and efficiently by clearing any blockages. Firing the water at a much higher pressure than normal can remove or remove most of the obstacles. This will fix the problem and open the drain for it to work properly again. In theory, this method can be used to clean stuck clogged pipes, provided they are sturdy enough to withstand the water baked into them. Each jet of water can be used as either a brief burst or a sustained attack, depending on how bad the problem is. Imagine flushing your toilet but doing it for the entire drainage system and with a lot more force behind it! The general idea is that the water clears the clog by either soaking it in it, pushing them apart with the high pressure, or just sending it further down the pipe (and hopefully to a place where it doesn't block the water flow) .

What do drainage specialists do?

Drain specialists are people with special training or experience in cleaning and maintaining drains. Drain specialists are usually the ones behind the drain jets as clearing the blockage may still require some very precise adjustments and calculations. If something goes wrong, the drain specialists can usually determine what happened. While you can technically do the drain blasting yourself, it is best to have specialists handle it when they are available. This removes some of the risk associated with it, and has the added benefit of getting you an expert who can potentially identify further problems with your drainage system. Keep in mind that not all drain clogs are just clogs and some can come from other sources of damage, wear and tear, or long term use. If you cannot see the problem, it is usually necessary to consult a specialist as they will be much better able to tell you what is wrong without trying trial and error methods.

What is drain jetting?

How can I get help deflating nozzles?

Drain jetting is a very specific service, so it is not always openly advertised or shown as a special selling point. This means that unless you find yourself in a situation where it is recommended to you as a solution to some of the drainage problems you have reviewed, this is what you usually have to look for. However, finding a suitable set of drainage specialists isn't as difficult as it seems. First, remember that drain specialists are often part of other companies. Plumbing companies or other industries related to drainage work often have at least one specialist in drainage jets. Since drain jetting is a completely physical solution, finding local businesses is best if you want a quick response. For example, if you live in London, finding the best drainage jet that London can offer is usually your best bet. The same applies to all other parts of the world: the closer the specialists are, the faster they can get there and fix the problem.

Can Drain Jetting Go Wrong?

In the hands of the drain specialist, draining nozzles shouldn't be a problem unless something is already wrong with your pipes. The ingress of high pressure water into the system can technically damage certain bends and corners. However, this depends on the system and its age. Most of the time everything should be fine. Be careful trying to do this yourself as it is easy to misjudge the pressures or use the wrong equipment. High pressure water can be dangerous, and knowing what you are doing is an important part of ensuring safety while handling pressurized water tanks or other equipment related to drain jets.

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