5 Fashionable Varieties of Flooring for Each Dwelling

Choosing flooring for a home is an exciting process. There are various floor coverings on the market that will give homeowners the look and feel they want their floors to look like. Changing the floor is one way to completely change the feel of a home.

Below are five great floor coverings that would look amazing in any home.

Hardwood floors are classic

A stunning flooring option is classic hardwood. CMC Hardwood is a company that specializes in the sale and installation of this type of high quality flooring. How are parquet floors made? Hardwood floors are made from hardwood cut from a family of trees of the customer's choice.

What are popular options for parquet floors? Popular hardwood options that customers love to install in their homes include oak, cherry, and walnut, although a customer can choose from hundreds of solid wood options. Most of the time the hardwood boards are three-quarters of an inch thick, but the width can vary. Hardwood floors are finished in two ways: prefabricated and unfinished. As a person can see, there are many options to choose from when it comes to hardwood floors.

Wood-based materials are inexpensive

Many customers choose wood-based panels because they can be cheaper than traditional hardwood options. Why is wood-based panel something special? Wood-based materials are made with a top layer of real hardwood. There are many layers of ply boards under the top layer. The plank runs in several directions under the top layer of real hardwood. This type of flooring is a good choice for areas of the home where a homeowner may be concerned about higher than normal humidity levels, such as the bathroom. B. in a damp and dark cellar.

Do wood-based materials have any disadvantages? Unfortunately, due to the top layer of thin veneer, wood-based panels cannot be re-sanded as often as hardwood floors. The good news is that a homeowner can use coatings on the wood-based panel that they can use for hardwood floors. This makes the wooden floor more resistant to everyday life.

Bamboo floors are environmentally friendly

Homeowners can assume that bamboo floors would fall into the hardwood category, but flooring experts usually put bamboo flooring products in a category of their own. Most of the bamboo flooring products are from China. A fun fact is that bamboo grows over seventy feet tall in less than sixty days! Traditional trees used in floors take an average of twenty years to mature. Bamboo only takes five short years.

As for color, natural bamboo produces floors that look like lighter colors of wood. Treatments can give bamboo a dark finish. A darker finish can make this product look like other stained wood options. Many homeowners like such bamboo floors that are environmentally friendly. Is bamboo flooring expensive? In terms of cost, bamboo floors fall in the same price range as hardwood floors.

5 Popular Types of Flooring for Every Home - Hardwood

Laminate is ideal for small budgets

Homeowners who crave the look of hardwood floors but can't fit it into their budget may find laminate flooring to be the option for them. Laminate is closely related to wood-based materials in that it has a top layer that is finished and sealed over layers of plywood or compressed fiber. Laminate floors can be designed to look exactly like hardwood floors, but laminate is much cheaper than hardwood floors.

Linoleum options are fashionable now

Linoleum is a type of flooring that has come a long way in the past few years. When people think of linoleum, most people think of their grandmother's old floor. Today's linoleum is breathtakingly beautiful, yet affordable. Like bamboo, linoleum floors are considered environmentally friendly. This product is sold by flooring companies in sheets or rolls and glued in place. This product is sealed with a coating that prevents both staining and damage.

The only bad thing is that linoleum floors may not last as long as other types of flooring. Depending on the product purchased, a homeowner may need to replace their linoleum flooring every two to fifteen years. Some of the other floor coverings on the market will last longer. Any of the five floor coverings above would look fantastic in a home. Options are listed to fit any budget. These floorings come in a variety of colors so an option is offered that matches the homeowner's color scheme.

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