Construct your personal fowl habitat

In most parts of the US, warm weather calls people outside in their backyards and patios. During the Covid pandemic, remodeling became a top activity for many families. The family bond trend doesn't seem to be slowing as many have found they enjoy the slower pace of life of a challenging year.

A fun activity for the whole family is building a bird habitat in your yard. This can be done on a small scale or by investing time and resources. You are in control of how big the project will be. There are many advantages to having your own bird habitat. It draws you into nature, is educational for the whole family, and playing and singing native birds is calming and stress-relieving. Birds benefit from their habitat by providing water, food and shelter. Every bird plays an important role in nature and by helping them you are supporting the environment.

Install a bird feeder

The easiest way to start a bird habitat is to put up a bird feeder. There are many feed troughs to choose from depending on what feed you want to use and which birds you want to attract. Installing different types of food will bring more birds into the habitat.

Choose the right birdseed and forage

For most species, birdseed mixed with sunflower seeds, corn kernels, nuts, and small seeds works well. One tip to reduce the cost of bird seed is to mix an expensive bag with a cheaper brand. It saves money and lasts longer. Some feeders come with specific instructions for using food. When installing your feeders for the first time, it is best to use simple, good quality seeds that will cover a wide variety of birds. When you see what species live in your habitat, you can choose food for the birds you want to feed or attract.

Provide a source of water

Adding a source of water in addition to foragers will draw birds into your backyard habitat. There are a number of options for water sources, some simple and some more complicated. The simplest is a birth bath. You can use a hanging one or one on a pedestal. They should be flat and away from plants. Another excellent option is solar powered fountains. You can also get a programmable sprinkler system that includes fog machines for the bird area.

Build your own bird habitat - bird habitat

Landscape to attract birds

It is best to use native plants for your bird habitat. You want to provide plants, shrubs and trees that are natural habitats for the birds. A garden with native trees and plants makes your property a homely, friendly bird spot. It's a plus that the natural landscaping with native vegetation is beautiful for both people and birds.

Habitat maintenance

To prevent birds from getting sick at the bird feeders, it is important to wash the bird feeders weekly with a bleach and water solution whenever possible. Rake leftover food away from habitat so that field mice and other rodents cannot use it as a nighttime snack. Keep the birdseed safe to keep mold out. If you find that your feed troughs are overflowing with birds, you may want to add a few more.

Creating a habitat for birds in your yard is fun for the whole family. It is your decision whether you want to just start or grow it with the possibility of more birds. It brings you different species to enjoy and is good for the birds if it is tended to regularly. Before you know it, your habitat is up and running and you will need a bird guide to identify your new visitors.

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