That is packaging for plastic waste

Image via Great Wrap

Great Wrap, an Australian manufacturer of household compostable cling film, says this is a wrap for plastic waste.

The packaging is made by diverting food waste from the landfill and converting it into the main raw material. Most of the cling film is made from food waste (potato waste) and the rest of the materials are all certified as compostable.

However, the team is actively working on a 100% food waste product through the end of 2021.

"Cling film is a practical everyday item and its market has remained uninterrupted since the 1940s. In Australia alone we run through 150,000 tons of stretch film every year," say co-founders Jordy and Julia Kay.

Great Wrap received a $ 20,000 grant from Amazon and investment support in 2020. The support helped them achieve their goal of exclusively manufacturing in Australia.

The vision

"By the end of 2021, we plan to convert 1/3 of that number into vegetable packaging, launch commercial kitchen and pallet packaging and expand internationally," adds Kay.

“Our vision is to convert 300,000 tons of food waste into resin for Great Wrap by 2023.

"We also want a formula that is biodegradable in the ocean, which means that it will break down once it's in the ocean."

Jordy & Julia Kay

“We turn waste into opportunity and we really care about what we do,” says Jordy.

The product enables Aussies to invest in a greener future and reduce plastic waste.

Julia says: "If only 1% of the population were to compost food waste instead of throwing it in the trash, this would save 45 million kg of CO2."

As a result, this equates to “taking 60,000 cars off the road a year.

"We have made it possible for Australians to throw plastic away without changing their habits, and we pride ourselves on helping people take a step in the right direction."

Great Wrap can now be purchased online at

Direct to consumers, wholesalers and a subscription model are available. The MSRP is $ 14.95 x 30M rolls.

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