Dwelling with a small kitchen? 10 issues you’ll be able to slot in with a little bit creativity

A small kitchen affects many people's ability to enjoy cooking to the fullest. They feel like they trip over things every time they step into the room. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize space in a small kitchen without spending a fortune.

The following suggestions serve as a good starting point for your kitchen remodel.

Use wall space

Why put a microwave on a counter when you can hang it on the wall? Another option is to build the microwave under a countertop or in a base unit. The oven remains available for thawing and other tasks without taking up valuable counter space. This is one of the many ways Simple Kitchen (https://www.simplekitchenohio.com/) is helping people get the most out of what they have in this important space.

Integrate additional workspace

Imagine having more counter space only when you need it. This is possible with the help of pull-out worktops. Different versions are available today that any person can find one that they can incorporate into their current kitchen with little effort.

Add shelves

People often ignore the wall space near the ceiling in the kitchen. Don't make this mistake. The shelves provide space for items that are not used as often, creating valuable storage space for those who are.

Pull-out pantries

When people think of a pantry, they often think of a closet in the kitchen that is used to store groceries. However, kitchen designers continue to find creative ways to incorporate a pantry into small spaces. For example, a slim cabinet offers additional storage space while fitting in a space between the refrigerator and the wall. Once pulled out, the cook has quick and easy access to items. When not in use, the cabinet slips away and leaves valuable space.

Living with a small kitchen - small kitchen

Opt for a smaller refrigerator

Small kitchens are often overwhelmed by large refrigerators. People found that they could avoid this problem by choosing a refrigerator under the bench, but that brought a number of new problems. Nowadays, men and women benefit greatly from a drawer refrigerator that allows easy access to all contents without a lot of bending.

Add a breakfast bar

Gather friends and family in your small kitchen with the help of a breakfast bar. Backless stools can be hidden in a corner until needed and pulled out for extra counter or countertop seating. Kitchens are designed for socializing, and the stools make it easy for loved ones to do just that.

Buy a small table

If a breakfast bar is not an option, consider investing in a small table. Round or circular designs are best for small spaces, but not everyone can add seating to their room. Imagine a folding table built into the wall that provides additional seating when needed.

Install more cabinets

Use every inch of wall space in a small kitchen. Set up the cabinets so that they reach the ceiling. Make sure that certain wall units sit close to the countertop as well, as this will provide more storage space.

Bring some green to the room

Small potted plants fit perfectly on a windowsill or shelf above the sink. If there is no room in any area, buy a tension curtain rod and install it between two cabinets by the window. Hang small pots on this pole. They have the advantage that plants brighten up the room without taking up counter space.

Invest in a double sink

Many kitchens have a corner cabinet that is rarely used. Install a large sink in this corner to make the most of the counter. In this way, the corner base unit can be fully used, as pipes for the sink are hidden in this often unused space.

Take a look around your kitchen today to see where you can make the most of the available space. These ideas serve as a starting point. You're sure to find a lot more if you start thinking outside the box when it comes to the heart of your home.

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