FMCG staff pay wages for profession modifications

Money makes the world move, and money is a great motivator for many FMCG employees to consider a career change.

A new report shows that nearly half of Australian workers have considered changing careers in the past year. The respondents name rising wages and financial security as the main drivers.

In particular, 66.7% of workers in the FMCG industry considered changing jobs in the past year.

Other industries

The study looks at 14 key industries and finds that almost 90% of miners want to switch careers entirely.

It is followed by FMCG, IT, construction, tourism, business management, then manufacturing, arts and entertainment, government, craft, STEM (including engineering), health, professional services and finally transportation.

Main results

  • Millennials and young people are twice as likely to rethink the move. Younger Aussies want growth and development, younger millennials want financial security, and older workers want the work environment most important.
  • Mining and construction have the largest share of workers looking for change.
  • Luck doesn't matter. The results show that despite 70% of women and 73% of men who said they were happy in their roles, more than half of both groups had considered changing roles.
  • Flexibility and work environments are critical to employee retention. A quarter of respondents said they wanted to pay as a reason to switch careers, and unsatisfactory working conditions came in second.
  • Employees are more willing to continue their education or training. 55.4% of white-collar workers and 45.6% of manual workers are considering further training.

More information about the Australian workplace can be found here.

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