5 Methods You Can Add Area To Your Basement

You want your basement to be bigger than it is. Right now, the ceilings feel low and the rooms feel crowded and cramped.

What can you do to make it better?

1. Actually make it bigger

If you want your basement to look bigger, consider making it bigger. How can you do that One way to achieve this is to underpin the basement. This renovation adds square feet to the lowest level of your home. Click here to learn more about what underpins Keller and who to hire for it. One of the benefits of underpinning is that it gives you the rare opportunity to fix problems in your foundation. So if you want to waterproof your basement, now is the time to do it.

2. Tear down walls

Another way to add space to your basement is to tear down non-load-bearing walls to make more room for an open concept. Not only does this give you more work space, it also makes the room look bigger. Walls break up the floor plan and block your line of sight, making the whole area look cramped. Only consider an open concept floor plan if it fits your vision of a finished basement. If you want a guest room and private work space after your renovation is complete, don't tear down all of the walls.

3. Design strategically

If you are working with a smaller space you need to be very careful with your design. Otherwise, you can quickly clutter the area and make it a challenge to live with. Let's say you want a laundry room in the basement. You want to put in a washing machine, dryer, sink, clothes horse and ironing board. Placing all of these items side by side will take up a lot of space.

What can you do instead? Here are some simple design changes that you can make to maximize storage space in this scenario:

  • Get smaller, stackable washing machines.
  • Install a wall-mounted fold-out ironing board.
  • Get a sink with a storage cabinet for laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and other essentials.
  • Get a retractable indoor clothesline instead of a standing clothes horse.

5 Ways You Can Add Space To Your Basement - Finished Basement

4. Choose the right furniture

Limit the bulk by using furniture that can do more than one thing for you, such as: B. a couch with a pull-out bed or an ottoman with a hollow center for storage. With double furniture you can maximize comfort and functionality and at the same time take up little space.

5. Use optical illusions

They can also trick the eye into thinking that a small room looks bigger than it really is. In the same way, certain types of clothing can change the look of your body. You just need to know a few key design tricks:

  • Draw the eye up with vertical storage like shelves and bookcases
  • Use mirrors to brighten the room and expand your line of sight
  • Hang curtains (including shower curtains) higher on the wall
  • Don't push all the furniture against the walls
  • Don't make design mistakes that make your room appear smaller

Don't be satisfied with a cellar that is too small. Follow these tips and get the great and gorgeous space of your dreams.

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