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Prudential Overall Supply, Irvine, California, recently celebrated its 89th anniversary. The family owned and operated company has made remarkable progress as a one-man business since it was founded in 1932 by John D Clark. Today Prudential is a nationally active industrial operator serving around 28,000 customers from coast to coast.

Last year, Clark's grandson, also known as John Clark, succeeded his father, Dan Clark, as CEO. Dan continues to serve as the company's chairman. The younger Clark says he is grateful to many people in the industry who helped Prudential grow over the past year despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

TRSA photo shows John Clark attending a TRSA meeting of next generation leaders

"Prudential Overall Supply is proud to celebrate our 89th anniversary this year," said Clark. “One of our main goals is to finish the year stronger as a company so that we can better serve our customers. We are convinced that we were able to achieve this through the great efforts of our employees and suppliers in a challenging year. This is proof of the strength and flexibility of our organization. "

Clark added: "We thank every supplier for their reliability, every customer for the trust they have in Prudential, and we are grateful to every employee for their hard work and dedication in providing the best possible service to our customers."

In an interview with Textile Services magazine last year after becoming CEO, Clark said he plans to continue the company's successful growth strategy, including nurturing employees from within. Click here to read the full article

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