eight suggestions for a cat-friendly inside design

Cats are fantastic pets to have in the home. It's so relaxing to stroke the fur after a busy day. They are very clean creatures and generally don't make a mess most of the time. On the other hand, if you are not looking, they can also destroy some parts of your home. After all, cats are known to scratch and move things just because they want to.

And when you have these adorable pets at home, your home can be difficult to decorate. It has to be both creative and strategic as you don't want your pets to ruin what you worked hard for. Other than that, you need to make sure that the decorations for these little creatures are safe but also stylish for your home. What should you consider when decorating a cat-friendly home? Let's find out.

1. Choose the right fabrics

One of the biggest problems with owning a pet is the amount of fur they shed. It is endless! They always lose, even if they do nothing. Some cats just stand up and boom, hair everywhere they lie down. With this in mind, it is important to consider what type of fabric your furniture will be made of. Why is it important? Because some fabrics make spilling a nightmare. These fabrics include velvet, chenille, mohair, and corduroy. It is smarter to work with synthetic fibers and sleek furniture to make cat hair easier to clean.

You'll also want to avoid delicate fabrics like silk. It may look good, but the silk will lose if your cat plays with its claws with it. Leather can also because it will be torn to pieces if cats play with it too. One idea worth exploring is using fabrics that are suitable for your furniture outdoors. These fabrics were made to withstand the harsh environment. You can definitely take some scratches off your fur baby. Also consider whether your fabrics are washable. It will likely get dirty if your cat likes to run around. Washable fabrics are easy to clean and maintain. You can also opt for removable covers. You can just take it off your furniture, put it in your laundry and you're good to go.

Finally, choosing fabrics that match your cat's coat can be a smart way to hide hair. The disadvantage with this is that you can always find hair in places where you didn't want it.

2. Think about the floors

We all agree that cats are generally clean pets. They ensure that they clean and groom themselves often. However, they may not be the cleanest on rainy and muddy days. Hence, you want floors that are easy to clean. Here are some floors that would be perfect for you.

  • Ceramic tiles
  • stone
  • Laminate floor
  • concrete
  • Brick
  • Terrazzo

Avoid hardwood as it stains quickly and requires some maintenance. It is also easy to scratch and dent, so it may not be the best option for cat owners.

3. Pamper your cat a little

Pamper your cat a little by giving her own furniture!

8 tips for a cat-friendly interior design - pampering

Start with a bed because cats love to sleep. A soothing bed is the perfect way to snuggle up your little fur baby for a nap. You can check one out at stores like The Meowy. Getting a bed for your cat is important as it will keep them warm while they sleep. A warm bed will help avoid arthritic joints in the future. Custom built internals work well. A low drawer can serve as a food bowl for your cat. When you're done eating, just slide it back into the recess.

8 tips for a cat-friendly interior design - pampering bowls

Also give your cat a place to climb and play. Custom cat condos, climbing trees, and cat shelves are ideas worth considering. Hammocks are also excellent places to relax for your cat.

4. Opt for inexpensive carpets

If you have to choose between a rug and rugs, go for the latter. Carpets are smaller than carpets, making them easier to clean in the event of an accident. However, don't buy expensive ones. Your cat will scratch, drag, and even chew on the carpet. Cats are most likely to find comfort in carpets because they are fluffy and keep them warm. Because of this, you will most likely see them hanging around your rug.

If you have children, they also step on the carpets a lot when they play with their furry friends. Over time, dust, fur and all kinds of nasty dirt will collect on the carpet. When choosing a rug, look for a rug that is easy to wash. It should also be offered at a price that will allow you to dispose of it without feeling awful in due course. Seagrass or sisal mats are excellent options. They tend to have neutral colors that blend in with any decor aesthetic.

5. You may want to avoid carpets

Furry pets and carpets don't mix very well. Carpets absorb dirt, odors, stains, vomiting and spill quickly. Over time, they smell and can become a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. If you need a rug, avoid wall-to-wall rug as it is a nightmare to clean up. Opt for smaller ones that are easy to remove anytime you need to clean them. Avoid deep pile carpets as these are harder to clean as they are fluffier.

6. Indoor plants may not work

You may have to choose between your beloved cat and houseplants. Cats chew on plants and unfortunately some of them can be poisonous.

8 tips for a cat-friendly home decor - houseplants

Here are houseplants to avoid to keep your cats safe:

  • Peace Lilies
  • Aloe vera
  • monstera deliciosa
  • Jade plants

If you must have plants, take the time to research. Some options like roses, baby breath, and bamboo are generally pet friendly. Another option is artificial flowers. You will protect your pets while also taking into account the aesthetics of plants.

7. Think about your furniture and walls

Your cat will enjoy scratching the furniture. Sisal, wicker and rattan are fair games for your cat. Other options are chrome or metal as these are very durable. Textured walls look great, but your cat will likely use them to sharpen her claws. For walls, go for those that are easy to clean. Semi-gloss, eggshell finish, or satin are the best options. Cleaning is as easy as wiping it with a damp cloth. Flat paints are difficult to clean so stay away from them.

8. Lockup Fragile Knick-Cracks

If you want to collect bells and whistles, think about how to keep them safe. Your cat will explore every part of your home, including your shelves. Invest in lockable glass panels to display your collectibles and prevent your cat from knocking them over. Instead of placing your pictures on a flat surface like a shelf or table, hang your pictures. Your cat will not be able to reach you if it is hanging a few feet off the ground. To be honest, they might still get to these paintings, but at least you'll make it hard for them to do so.

Final thoughts

We checked out 8 tips for cat-friendly home decor. Think about your cat when shopping for decorations. Textiles should be sturdy enough to deal with the destructive power of their tiny claws. Floors and walls should be easy to clean. Buy inexpensive carpets as you may need to replace them regularly. Furniture should be sturdy and durable as cats will most likely play with it. Cats can be difficult to care for. There is so much to consider! You have to keep adjusting to their needs. But at the end of the day we all know it's worth it.

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