Flooring developments for 2021: prime flooring concepts in your house

If your flooring is showing signs of age and symptoms of needing replacement, 2021 is already proving to be a trailblazer for people with new ideas and the return of some traditional favorites. And because floors tend to be such a dramatic improvement to a home, especially if the old floor looks a bit worn, it's also a great way to add value to a property before it's listed and sold.

Interestingly, some ideas are popping up in areas where they have traditionally not been seen as well.

Getting the most out of a project – textured tiles

Most people think of tiles and take in a vision of homes in the Southwest or Mexico that often use simple porcelain tile to keep the floor cool in hot, dry climates. Many of the tile options available to people now incorporate a significant amount of texture and shape, allowing people to copy stone floors and similar styles far more than they were before. Unlike the typical tiles, which are just flat on their external, visual surface, textured tiles are made with numerous patterns that can reflect wood, slate, pebbles, brick, and other choices. What's even better is that all of these tiles are extremely waterproof.

Vinyl flooring your parents would be jealous

For people over 45, vinyl flooring brings back memories of those strange colored floors that people grew up with in their homes as kids and that eventually peeled off. Fortunately, vinyl flooring has come a long way today, and just like textured tile, there are now a lot of really interesting and attractive options that never existed 40 or 50 years ago.

Just like textured tiles, today's vinyl floors can be laid in colors and patterns that recreate wood or stone with a remarkable resemblance. It's not perfect, but the modern vinyl shape is very similar. Vinyl is also very water-resistant, does not absorb like organic floors or wood-based materials, and can be applied in tile or slab depending on need and preference.

The multilayer manufacture of tiles involves an extremely durable outer layer that can handle significant traffic without wearing out or changing colors from exposure to the sun. Underneath, additional layers provide stability and strength to the floor, and the bottom layer is prepared so that the vinyl is bonded to the adhesive that attaches it to the base floor. Note, however, that vinyl floors are not 100 percent waterproof. If seat moisture gets between the seams or edges, it can penetrate and ultimately cause damage. However, most people tend to wipe off liquids much faster than it can become effective.

Pattern carpet versus level

The typical carpeting in many homes or venues is usually just one layer with no distinction. Pattern carpets, on the other hand, offer a unique texture and layout that is both visual and tactile. Carpets with the latest options in 2021 offer different options, from natural fibers to synthetic components that behave differently in terms of durability, appearance, aging over time and longevity. Carpets are also far from the simple, boring monochrome approach. Now modern carpeting involves changes in layers and may even include color changes and detail patterns like decorative tiles. Obviously, these options are far shorter pile carpets that hold the pattern better. For pet owners, there are a number of options for pet stain resistance and cleaning that weren't available 10 years ago.

Top Flooring Ideas for Your Home - Vinyl

Sustainable flooring

Many people are very aware of their ecological footprint and are proactively looking for flooring that does not add any waste to the environment. In this regard, sustainable flooring has not only become very popular in 2021 in the form of hard floors. The main goal of sustainable flooring is that it does not create a product that, when worn and removed, leads to more toxic waste in landfills. It should also stop producing gases and toxic by-products during manufacture. Natural parquet flooring has long been the preferred flooring format for this category, but now there are other alternatives that don't cost as much as also meet the sustainability criteria.

Natural fiber carpets have come to the fore for people who want the warmth and benefits of carpets and don't want the cost of hardwood floors to remain sustainable. However, due to their natural, organic shape, these carpets do not have the longevity of traditional carpets, which are often made on a synthetic basis. Alternatively, recycled floors are coming into vogue, using previous material that may be synthetic but diverted into new floors rather than landfill. This approach uses material for at least another decade of use, if not longer, rather than creating more waste. Recycled floors come in a variety of styles, including carpet, vinyl, laminate, and even tile.

The dominance of parquet floors

When people get a chance, they undoubtedly gravitate towards hardwood floors. The richness and beauty of hardwood are hard to match. Fortunately, unlike years ago, there is a huge selection of synthetic wood floors that are not 100 percent perfect, but come pretty close to traditional hardwood planks for half the price. These synthetic options come in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as grains. It is entirely possible to get flooring from deep mahogany made from light brown chestnut or light yellow oak. And the plastic floor withstands contact with moisture and liquids better than natural wood.

The key to flooring is competent service

There are now plenty of great flooring to choose from, but the key to making an alternative look really good still requires an experienced carpet and flooring team that knows how to work with the material and how to get on with it Adjusting the quirks of the place where the flooring is going to go. S & R Carpet & Floors has been working with all types of floors for 50 years and is growing. The company offers its customers a combined know-how that has seen it all and knows how to deal with unique challenges. If you're thinking of a new flooring project for your home or building, give S&R Carpet & Floors a call or email. We will then give an evaluation of what is possible and available. You'll be surprised how many options exist for 2021 that weren't available five years ago. Our teams can install them all professionally, so you can have peace of mind on your next flooring project.

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