Pics peanut butter paired with chocolate!

The Pic & # 39; s Peanut Butter team brings their peanut and chocolate butters to Australia.

Pic & # 39; s Peanut & Chocolate Butter is a combination of Pic & # 39; s crispy peanuts with a mix of Whittaker & # 39; s Creamy Milk & Dark Ghana Chocolate.

The new flavor will launch in Coles today (April 19th) and Woolworths in late May.

"Peanuts and chocolate always go well together, and the team has done a great job of turning it into something I know a lot of customers will find irresistible," says Pic Picot.

"We're very excited to bring this peanut and chocolate butter picture to Australians as it has gone crazy in New Zealand since it was first introduced in late January."

In combination with Whittaker & # 39; s, Pic & # 39; s Peanut & Chocolate Butter Partner Pic & # 39; s typical crispy peanuts and a generous mixture of Whittaker's Five Roll Refined Creamy Milk & Dark Ghana 72% with a pinch of salt.

The 290g jar is available at all Coles, Woolworths, and independent stores nationwide for $ 9.00.

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