Numerous cafe-inspired frozen meals

A new line of cafe-inspired frozen foods, Abundance, brings color, fun and a bit of sassy humor to the freezer aisle.

The marketing campaign above and below the line is aimed at millennials and communicates popular acronyms used on social media. From “Wow, That's Frozen (WTF) to Not Believing It's Frozen (CBF) and even FFS (Frozen Flavor Surprise)”, the whimsical campaign supports the new range of “Delicious, Healthy, and Filling AF (Abundance. Frozen ! "). "Frozen Food.

Impressive imagery will soon appear on large outdoor billboards, in bus stops and in busy shopping malls across Australia.

Lauren Dragicevich, Senior Brand Manager at Abundance, says: “While we are marketing to our millennial consumers with playful language, the focus of the product is of course on the taste and abundance of healthy vegetables. We know our consumers are looking for healthy meals that fill them, and abundance undoubtedly delivers taste, health and convenience in spades. It's perfect for a quick bite for dinner before you head off or for a desktop lunch in between zoom calls. "

The $ 2 million marketing campaign will "raise awareness and remove barriers to frozen food." Engagement and conversation are increased through a social media strategy that includes online video content via YouTube, 9now, 7Plus, 10Play, SBS On Demand, Foxtel and Twitch. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok will also play a key role in starting Abundance. The colorful graphics make for a sturdy shelf with in-store sales screens and a freezer door point of sale.

The generously portioned meals are full of flavor and available in five café-inspired flavors:

  • Asian BBQ beef with spicy kimchi rice, sugar snap peas and red cabbage.
  • Japanese stir fry with turmeric noodles, ginger, mushrooms, edamame and Japanese 7 spice.
  • Coconut curry with brown basmati rice, crispy snow peas, chickpeas and edamame.
  • Beetroot gnocchi with a mixture of olives, mushrooms and sweet potatoes and a rich tomato passata.
  • Middle Eastern Lamb – juicy lamb kofta with green lentil rice and crispy cauliflower and broccoli batons.

Abundance (MSRP $ 7.50) is available now in Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets. The marketing campaign runs from mid-April to August.

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