Bean there for 70 years

FreshFood is an Australian beverage company with coffee brands including Bushells, Picco, Europa and The House of Robert Timms, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2021.

"Our manufacturing facility is in Concord, Sydney's inner west, where coffee has been made for the Australian and export markets for many decades," says Karen de Leeuw, Business Director.

Birthday milestone for key brand

This year Robert Timms' house is 70 years old.

"This is a celebration of Australian ingenuity, strength and entrepreneurship," said Ms. de Leeuw of the key FreshFood brand milestone.

"Being part of the Australian landscape for decades is testament to the brand's strength and loyalty."

FreshFood produces coffee in a variety of formats including instant, roasted and ground, liquid and its own "unique" coffee sachets.

“Robert Timms' house has become known as a single serve expert,” says Ms. de Leeuw, “not only with regard to instant coffee, but also especially for coffee bags.

"Coffee bags are a perfect innovation in that they serve perfectly pre-portioned quality products resulting in an even cup. They are individually sealed for freshness and very portable. It's a straightforward and straightforward solution in a complicated world."

For the full schedule of FreshFood's achievements, check out the latest April issue of Retail World.

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