Carpet cleansing suggestions

Did you know already? The carpet and carpet market in the USA is the largest with 27.06% of the world market share. According to Report Linker, the market is expected to generate sales of $ 39 billion in 2021. There can be several reasons for such a large market. People love walking on a carpet with no features in winter, when the ground is so cold, or in summer, when the ground burns like coal. With carpets you not only feel comfortable, but also give your interior class. Carpet is used for walking, sitting and even sleeping. Toddlers crawl on these carpets and your children could sit on them to play games.

Therefore, it is also important to keep these carpets clean and tidy. Bacteria can stay in the carpet for up to 4 weeks, which can lead to nose and skin infections. Your family health can be seriously affected by these carpets. When the world is hit by a coronavirus pandemic, you should keep it clean. Below is a list of carpet cleaning tips that will keep your carpet clean and tidy.

1. Don't scrub, always dab!

We always try to be careful while sitting on our carpet to avoid spilling or staining them. But it does not matter! There are always cases where drinks get on the carpet. The first instinct we generate for this reaction is to scrub out the stain. But wait! Scrubbing the stain will drive the stain into the carpet. Better to dab for carpet cleaning. Carefully soak the spilled substance by applying little pressure from the outside and towards the center.

2. The vinegar club soda solution

Had a great time at the party but worried about the carpet stains? Here is an inexpensive carpet cleaning tip. First, spray some lemonade on the stain and blot it off. Otherwise, if the stain comes out great, make a solution of white vinegar and water mixed evenly. Spray the solution on the stains and wait 10-15 minutes. Then dab the area with a sponge soaked in a mild detergent. Repeat the same process a few times until the entire stain is gone. Well your satin is out!

3. Clean it regularly

The best tip for carpet cleaning is to clean the carpet every day. Yeah, you heard right. Your rug is used every day in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining room. Thus, a large number of dust and germs collect in it. If you can't do it daily, you can do it weekly. But if you have pets, you need to increase the frequency. Just remember to vacuum it two or three times as vacuuming once may not remove the dust. Pay special attention to the edges and wash your carpet monthly if possible. Always clean your vacuum cleaner after vacuuming so that it can work efficiently.

Carpet cleaning tips - Carpet cleaning

4th Get rid of dry mud outside!

Whenever we go outside, the dry mud sticks to our shoes or slippers, or if you have dogs and children at home, they immediately walk on the carpet with dirty legs or slippers. The carpet cleaning tip is that you can put a floor mat on the entrance or keep a brush to remove the dust. If you encounter dirt or mud on your carpet, spray some water and gently pat the carpet to remove it. This will go a long way.

5. Rearrange your furniture

The final and final carpet cleaning tip for rearranging and rotating your furniture can help. The carpet may warp or become dents due to the weight of furniture that is held on it for long periods of time. This rotation helps in replacing carpets that would otherwise be torn away in places with heavy traffic. The rearrangement also helps remove the dust from under them and under the furniture.

Sum it up! Health is greatly influenced by the type of environment in which we live. It is therefore important for us to keep our environment clean. A dirty carpet can lead to colds and skin diseases. Regularly cleaning carpets also increases their usefulness and efficiency. We have shared many carpet cleaning tips with you. Choose the one that's right for your rug as it comes in a variety of designs, fabrics and colors.

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