Ecolab launches a delicate washing answer for industrial laundries and moist cleaners

United Kingdom
SoftGuard Delicate, Ecolab's latest delicate laundry solution, was created because the company said, “We're rethinking delicate laundry for industrial laundries and accelerating the effectiveness of wet cleaning services.

“When it comes to delicate washing, hygiene is no longer enough. In long-term care facilities and professional laundry services, laundry service recipients are becoming increasingly critical – and rightly so. The Covid-19 pandemic has only further underscored the importance of laundry cleanliness, and of course we all want to protect our clothes from fading and damage. "

Fibers and colors
According to Ecolab, SoftGuard Delicate offers two layers of proven color and shape protection. It is designed to prevent bleeding, color loss, felting, pilling, shrinking and changes in surface character. While it is incredibly effective at removing stains and odors, it doesn't change the structure or makeup of a garment.

Ecolab explains how its own research shows that SoftGuard Delicate can perform more effectively than the other solutions on the market at lower temperatures – especially when shrinking garments. The synergy between sensitive detergent and sensitive finish helps to preserve the effects of “shrinkage protection”, “felt protection” and “pilling protection” one after the other. The special setting of the washing process gives woolen garments good shape retention properties and improves springback during washing. SoftGuard Delicate provides 360 ° wool protection and the retexture effect.

The solution's ability to offer high quality, low temperature cleaning also ensures that garments require fewer washes and last longer. SoftGuard Delicate's pleasant scent is incredibly long-lasting, added Ecolab.

In 2021, the importance of laundry disinfection cannot be overstated. SoftGuard Delicate offers D + disinfection and has been tested on various types of pathogens and validated according to the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). The low temperature mixture of acids ensures that disinfection is proven at 40 ° C.

Wet cleaning and laundry applications
A large number of hotels, according to ecolab, are in favor of wet cleaning, partly because of the increased environmental sustainability and also because many recognize it as a sign of superior service. Wet cleaning is also a segment where commercial laundries can increase their capacity and offer additional benefits to their customers.

According to the company, Ecolab's water-based solution carefully protects delicacies while protecting the planet. More than 80% of the stains we make today are water-soluble, and SoftGuard Delicate meets the highest quality standards and is eco-certified. It also has EU Flower Ecolabel certification. More information can be found here.

To learn more about SoftGuard Delicate, click here.

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