Make house for the visually impaired

We all love the comfort and privacy of living in our own homes, but some changes may need to be made for the visually impaired so that they can fully enjoy an independent life. Choosing the right location is a critical factor. The visually impaired can be more prone to crime, and the neighborhood shouldn't be too crowded. Las Vegas offers a wide range of options for every facility you need and real estate to suit every budget. Neighborhoods like Silverado Ranch or Solis on Flamingo Road are established communities that provide a safe environment for the visually impaired.

Whether you're buying a home on the Silverado Ranch in Las Vegas or remodeling your existing property, making your home more convenient and accessible to the visually impaired is pretty easy. Here are some budget-friendly DIY ideas to help people with visual impairment enjoy their home.

Living room, stairs and bedroom

  • People with visual impairment often find highly contrasting colors very helpful. Painting the doors and door frames paler than the walls will help a visually impaired person see them and tell whether a door is open or closed. Be especially careful with glass doors: add colorful stickers or stripes so someone with low vision can see if the door is closed.
  • It is best to avoid carpets as these can cause people to trip over. If you choose to use carpets, make sure that they don't slip and that the edges are visible.
  • Stairs: paint railings or handrails in a contrasting color. Make sure the steps are as visible as possible. How you do this depends on the flooring. For wood or concrete, you can paint a strip on each side. For a similar effect on carpets, apply heavy duty tape in a color that stands out well.
  • Avoid too many busy patterns. Simple blocks of color are less confusing for the visually impaired. Choose contrasting colors for bedding, curtains, and home textiles so that a person with a visual impairment can easily see them.


High contrast helps make your kitchen safer and more user-friendly. Opt for a countertop that will stand out from the utensils, cutting boards, and pans you will place on it. Equipment such as ovens, washing machines, and dryers should also stand out from the surrounding work areas. In the case of cupboards, dark handles on light cupboards or vice versa make identification easier for people with visual impairments.

Making space for the visually impaired - kitchen


Bathrooms can be a challenge for the visually impaired, especially when the tiles and fixtures are all white. But these pointers will help a visually impaired person maintain their independence. Add colorful decals or stickers on the edges of sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers. A wooden or dark toilet seat is another handy tip. Use bright pops of color with towels, mats, and blinds to make the space more accessible to the visually impaired.


One of the attractions when buying a property in Las Vegas is the pleasant climate. So it is important to create most of the outdoor spaces. The yard should be well maintained, with spacious walkways and no broken or cracked areas that could trip the person. Cut back overgrown plants or hanging branches that could create an obstruction. Install an entry phone system if you don't already have one and make sure the door handles contrast well with the woodwork. Solar lights along the way are a great idea for easy identification after dark.

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