Sustainable fragrance launch from Christeyn's improved plasticizer

United Kingdom

Christeyns has revamped its high-tech Bisoft Perla fabric softener with a new perfume and an improved formula, the company said. Bisoft Perla releases a fresh citrus and bergamot aroma and is easy to dose. It is aimed at all types of laundries.

The development of the "Encapsulated Fragrance Delivery Technology" by Christeyn allows the aroma to be retained for a longer period of time due to microcapsules containing perfume that adhere to the fiber and break when the textile is handled, thus ensuring a sustained release of perfume becomes.

Christeyns says it has overcome the problem that perfumes are typically volatile and tend to be lost during high temperature processing or during use. However, Bisoft Perla releases an intense aroma of citrus fruits and bergamot when the end user gently touches or rubs the textile.

The product is particularly suitable for towels and bathrobes and offers a softer and fresher finish. Crhisteyns targets spa and wellness facilities, luxury hotels and B & Bs that it believes provide customers with textiles that contain an intense and long-lasting fragrance.

Christeyns has improved the compound formula of Bisoft Perla in order to achieve an optimal dosage, to increase the fluidity of the fabric softener and thus to simplify the dosage. Bisoft Perla is available in cans (20 kg), drums (190 kg) and containers (900 kg).

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