7 distinctive wooden house decor concepts

One of the most beautiful and inspiring home trends that has become popular is the use of wood decor elements to add a touch of personality and uniqueness to your home. There is just something about wood that feels homely, warm and safe. Wood can also make a surprisingly chic change to your interior design project, but it will never feel cold or hard like other materials.

If you're working on a home remodel or designing a home that is still under construction, you may have noticed that there are many great ways you can use wood decor to make your home unique and beautiful. If you're looking for inspiration, check out this list of unique wood decor ideas that will make your remodel look stunning!

Unique wood home decor ideas

1. Natural protocol table

This was often a style associated with log cabins or beach houses, but this style has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are plenty of places you can get one of these cool tables. This is usually a segment of an actual tree that has a glass tabletop attached to it. You may see driftwood, natural logs, or other types of wood used for this style of table.

7 Unique Wood Home Decor Ideas - Natural Wood Table

Some tables are made of hollowed out logs and you can put a light in the center to give the table a soft glow that is very appealing. This is a timeless style that will add a touch of cozy practicality to your home.

2. Barn doors

These great space-saving doors hang on a sliding rail so you don't need to have space for them to open and close. They can be made from any type of wood you want, from reclaimed wood to fresh new knotty pine to darker stained or painted wood.

7 Unique Wood Home Decor Ideas - Barn Sliding Doors

These doors make a room feel instantly cozy and are great for half a bath, rooms in small apartments, or a house that just needs a little touch of rustic charm that is still chic. This is a great way to use wood in your home that has a wonderful practical purpose that isn't just decorative.

3. Shiplap

Shiplap is a really adorable beach material that never goes out of style. This permanent wall accent can be used as an accent wall in a covered porch, dirt room, or even your living room. It is available in natural and painted finishes and instantly gives a room a cozy, cozy feeling.

7 Unique Wood Home Decor Ideas - Ship Flap

Shiplap is not overly expensive in most areas as it is usually used as an exterior cladding for practical buildings such as sheds and barns and is very easy to install. This is an easy DIY upgrade that you can even do yourself if you want to create a shiplap accent wall in your home.

4. Bookcases made of natural wood

Often times, these clever and unique pieces are designed specifically for your living area and may use reclaimed wood, driftwood, or other types of logs and shelves to create a whimsical and adorable book or knick knack shelf in your living room, bedroom, or any other room in the House that you want that type of design element. This isn't an expensive upgrade, and the immediate effect on the space is cozy, cheerful warmth. Many people say that this type of shelf makes them think of the beach, or it reminds them of a happy little hobbit hole. This is a great option in a kid's room or playroom where play and functionality merge all day long!

5. Wooden coasters

You will be surprised at the impact small items like coasters can have on the overall design of your space. You may have a single wooden accent wall in the room and are wondering how to combine it all with your furniture or other decor.

7 unique wooden home decor ideas - wooden roller coaster

Sometimes all it takes is a couple of wooden coasters and the look is complete! Wooden coasters can be made from slices of actual logs that have been smoothed and sealed, or they can be made with artistic carvings and patterns. There are so many ways to create and plan that little touch of design that you can easily find the right coasters for your needs.

6. Driftwood counter

This type of natural wood for kitchens and bathrooms has become very popular lately and it's easy to see why! Driftwood immediately gives your room a sense of nature and nature. Adding a lightly sanded and varnished piece of driftwood to your bathroom, or possibly your kitchen, makes a big statement.

7 Unique Wood Home Decor Ideas - Driftwood Counter

This is a great way to create an adorable pop with unique colors, and it will be a source of constant compliments and discussion in your home for years to come.

7. Headboard and other bedroom furniture

Reclaimed wood is often the material for bedroom furniture, but you can also use driftwood or pine or any other wood that suits your style. The floating headboard is currently in operation, which makes this a great time to create a unique headboard that will stay on the wall without having to be attached to the bed frame itself.

7 unique living ideas made of wood - headboard

When you add some custom end tables or a dresser, you have instantly created a chic, absolutely warm and inviting bedroom environment. This is a great way to give your home a log cabin feel, even if it's not a cabin at all!

Adding wood decor to your home brings a sense of nature and peace

Something about wood just feels soothing to us. There is a deep connection with nature that we all associate with wood, and adding wood design elements to your home naturally brings that calming peace into the home. Adding a touch of wood decor to your home will make it chic, cozy and beautiful for years to come.

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