Add colour to your backyard

Summer is just around the corner and we can't help but get excited. We have finally escaped the monotony of winter and everything is coming back to life. When you are in your garden enjoying the sun, wouldn't it be nice to have a garden that reflects the same feelings of joy and positivity? Here are some ways to make sure your garden is as bright and cheerful as you are!

Paint the shed

For some, a shed may be more of a necessity than an accessory … but why not both? It's a common misconception that scales should be neutral earth tones to blend in with their surroundings. In reality, a shed is an opportunity to brighten up your yard. Pastel greens, blues and pinks look delicate and beautiful, and bold oranges and purples make a statement.

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Decorate with plants

Flowers are the easiest and cheapest way to bring your garden to life. There are thousands of variations to choose from and plenty of room for creativity. Warm colors like orange, red and yellow create a happy, energetic mood, while cool tones like blue and purple create a calm, relaxing environment.

Don't leave your creativity with the flowers – you can also experiment with different flower pots! Say goodbye to classic orange terracotta and say hello to colorful, wooden or patterned ceramic pots. Head to your local garden center for inspiration or paint an old pot yourself!

Color your fence

Fences are essentially the walls of your garden. Therefore, it is important to take them into account when renovating. Adding a trellis to the top of your fence is a great way to introduce color without repainting, as you can decorate it with climbing flowers or grapevines.

If you do decide to repaint your fence, keep this in mind: hot colors advance (or appear to meet the eye) and cool colors recede (or appear to move away from the eye). In other words, if you want your garden to appear bigger, go for cooler colors.

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Garden seating areas

In addition to providing you and your family with a place to sit back and relax, garden seating areas often serve as focal points, making them a great place to add color. If you don't want to be completely confined to bright, colorful tables and chairs, decorate them with eye-catching pillows or a vase.

Light flooring

The color of your floor can play a huge role in the overall look and feel of your garden, especially since it takes up such a large surface area. Wooden decking can be stained or painted in different colors to highlight and look great when decorated with plants! Alternatively, a bright terrace can lift the mood and improve the overall aesthetics of your garden.

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