Good karma for beginning prepared meals

Fresh food solutions company, Yummy Karma, has grown exponentially over the past five years as established trends and global events play in its favor.

"COVID-19 saw people staying home and eating all meals at home," says Adnan Galabhai, CEO and co-founder of Yummy Karma.

"As our busy lives return to normal, we've seen growing demand for restaurant-quality food that is a healthier alternative to fast food without breaking the bank."

Founded in 2016, Yummy Karma is a fresh food solutions manufacturer serving supermarkets and food service channels across Australia. Based in Pendle Hill in west Sydney, the company is committed to supporting local farmers and suppliers wherever possible. The range is 100% Australian owned and manufactured. It includes retail, foodservice and private label products.

The company has grown into a national supplier serving clients such as Harris Farm Markets, IGA, Costco, Woolworths and Foodworks.

According to Galabhai, Yummy Karma excelled in the industry for its focus on “natural foods” and “obsession with quality”.

"Unlike most convenience stores, we are a firm believer in clean food and don't add anything to our products that customers can't find or say in their pantry." No artificial colors, preservatives, flavors or E numbers. "

Yummy Karma produces both meal and snack products. Meal pots are a range of natural gluten-free heat and eat dishes inspired by Indian and Thai flavors such as: B. classic butter chicken with basmati rice and pumpkin, cauliflower and pea curry with brown rice quinoa. Snack bites are perfect for nibbling, as a side dish, as finger food or for freshening up salads and wraps. The range includes herb pumpkin and chickpea bites as well as broccoli and brown rice bites.

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