The advantages of wooden in landscaping

There are so many uses for wood in your landscaping that you may not realize all of them. It's time to think of them as the edges of spring towards summer. Perhaps you are making a completely new plan for your lawn, or you just want to freshen up your existing garden. Either way, some wood and a few nails can be just what your garden needs.

People have been using wood for as long as there has been landscaping. The difference now is that we now have many options that we didn't have a hundred or a thousand years ago. We also know a lot more about the properties of wood.

Build some raised beds

Raised beds are a great way to add gardens to your home. You supply the dirt rich and you are almost guaranteed success. This is an excellent way to start a vegetable garden. It is essentially removed from weeds. You don't have to bend so far to care for it. When the vegetables begin to grow, they are further from the rabbits who could find and eat them.

Graduated raised beds offer design options for flowers and other colorful plants. This can be the most attractive way to change the look of your garden. Step beds are great for slopes where it is difficult to get plants to grow. Since you are providing fresh dirt, your plants are more likely to thrive. While stone, cement block, and brick are popular options for retaining walls, wood is lighter and often easier to use. It can be built by the average person and requires little expertise compared to masonry and stone masonry.

Build an outdoor living room

Wood is still an important choice when building outdoor living spaces. One deck has space to relax. It can also add value to a home if done well. The same deck that offers sunshine on a cold day can provide shade underneath. Just as contractors use composite mats for floor protection instead of traditional wooden mats, they also offer to make their deck from composite panels. This is not a natural approach, but there are people who prefer it.

The advantages of wood in landscaping - wooden deck

For older children and adventurous adults, tree houses are another outdoor living room that can be easily built out of wood. On the other hand, kids and couples love a gazebo. This beautiful and inviting ornamental building is especially nice when you are having a party. When choosing locations, keep in mind that gazebos need natural shade to keep people cooler in the summer.

Watch out for wood treatments and potential hazards

The greatest danger to wood is putrefaction. The part of the wood that touches the ground is immediately exposed to moisture. Rain adds even more. Insects and parasites also cause harm. Wood is often treated to combat these things. Here's what you need to know about wood treatment chemicals: These substances will wash off over time. In doing so, they will penetrate the ground. This can be dangerous to humans in a number of ways. For this reason, the use of chromium and arsenic is banned in the USA from 2004.

Treatments continue to use copper, which has been shown to stop fungus from growing. You can buy treated wood from a hardware store. There is also “green wood” that is treated with a different chemical process. This is considered better for the environment. Submerged wood should not come into contact with the ground.

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