IGA works with TikTok Star for the Easter marketing campaign

IGA announced that Aussies have over 130 unique Easter traditions and celebrations in their "Easter Your Way" research.

To demonstrate the diversity and diversity of the local communities they belong to and their unique celebration styles, IGA has developed a twist on the traditional hot cross bun.

Working with IGA, Back Sensation Morgan Hipworth created a "weird and wacky" version of the "popular" traditional hot cross bun. Morgan's hybrid hot cross bun recipe features a "sticky" pudding center, "crunchy" bacon chips, and crumbled honeycombs topped with a sugar dust. You can find the recipe here.

“At just 20, Morgan Hipworth is a food sensation with his donut and artisan bakery, Bistro Morgan, which is already a Melbourne institution,” says IGA.

"He has an impressive following from Tik Tok and Instagram who spice up his doughy, decadent, and indulgent creations."

Mr. Hipworth's Hybrid Hot Cross Bun will be available exclusively at the Romeo Foodhall IGA MLC Center Sydney on Tuesday March 30th for a select few to try.

The "Easter Your Way" research

The study asked participants to describe special or unique ways they celebrate Easter.

This found that almost 60% of respondents think that their family's Easter celebrations are "seemingly standard".

However, upon further investigation, the IGA identified over 130 unique ways Australians want to celebrate Easter. Answers ranged from food consumed to cultural customs and religious practices to unique family traditions and special events.

The IGA retailer and chair of the IGA National Retailer Council says we all have our own special Easter traditions that are unique to our families and often only apply to local communities.

"Whether it is about baking coins in a special Easter cake, on Good Friday seafood, borscht soup or Dutch donuts, coloring and decorating eggs or even an Easter egg hunt in the backyard," he says.

“We know that many of our local customers are very much looking forward to a great Easter with family and friends, as it was difficult for many to get together over Christmas.

"IGA is in a unique position where we can tailor our offering to our local communities so they can be sure they have everything they need to celebrate in their own personal way this Easter."

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