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Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the fresh produce category in the grocery and retail sectors has continued to develop. Retail World examines the trends, challenges and the direction of fresh products.

The future for fresh Australian produce is bright and the consumer trends of health, convenience, taste and sustainability remain, according to the family company Perfection Fresh, which started in 1978.

"Our mission at Perfection Fresh is to inspire a healthier world by connecting people to sustainable fresh food," said CEO Michael Simonetta.

“The Covid challenges we faced in 2020 will continue to boost consumption. Fresh products are natural, healthy and sustainable. We are in an industry with many opportunities. "

Perfection Fresh specializes in different categories in the fresh produce sector that Simonetta says are performing well.

"Certainly the categories that we grow and sell – that we market and process – do well in the food sector," Simonetta told Retail World.

He adds that as trends come and go, the Covid-19 pandemic had the biggest impact on the fresh category, causing a change in shopping patterns.

"Getting out and about has been limited (in the past 12 months) so there are more family dinners in the house than recently," he said.

"Because of this, we've seen an increase in home cooking, consumers trying new recipes, and eating to feel better (for immunity).

“Fresh products are the focus of health and well-being. Eating fresh produce is a healthy choice. I think all of these things helped keep our industry well positioned … during the pandemic. "

Read more about the fresh category in the latest issue of Retail World magazine.

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