four deadly accidents from family repairs

Repairing your home on your own seems ideal as there are no labor costs and you can choose when to get the job done rather than sticking to someone else's schedule. Even so, home repairs are not without risks, as many injuries are associated with DIY projects from neglecting safety.

These are the 4 most common injuries caused by home repairs that can be fatal.

Table saw injuries

This machine is not for the faint of heart. 31,400 people are treated for table saw injuries each year. The most common table saw injuries are caused by a kickback in which wood is thrown back at the operator at high speed, injuring the stomach, head or chest. To avoid injuries like this, you can use the appropriate guide instead of the fence to cut wood, or step back and use a push rod to guide the wood through the wood. Second, there is a risk of blade injury, which can be even more fatal. Therefore, never remove the guard – this is the case for a serious reason. If you fall victim to such construction violations, contact a specialist lawyer.

Falling off a ladder

One of the most common injuries in repair projects is falling from a ladder, which often leads to death, and 164,000 cases treated annually in emergency rooms across the United States. and bleeding in the brain, which could lead to a trip to the emergency room or worse. These accidents are highly preventable as the injuries were acquired due to human error. To prevent falling from a ladder, avoid extending the ladder, do not use it in any way other than that intended by the manufacturer, and always have three points of contact with the ladder to ensure stability.

4 fatal injuries from household repairs - fall

Falling objects

In addition to the risk of ladders when pruning a tree or cleaning the gutters, there is also the risk of objects landing on you, causing injury or death. Especially large branches can tear unexpectedly after the tree is disturbed by pruning and fall while someone is standing under it. In addition, repairs to the roof, chimney, or gutter can put you at risk of being hit by objects such as bricks, metal, or shingles and vibrations. To avoid such injury, have a spotter look for loose objects while you work, and try not to stand directly under falling areas.


Sometimes it is necessary to use open flames or large machines to repair your home. However, their use can cause severe burns. Around half a million people see a doctor every year. These can be avoided through the proper use of equipment such as gloves, mask, and aprons. Always keep a large bucket of water by your side for quick relief if you burn yourself or something catches fire. Injuries at home are a serious threat, so prevent them by following the safety guidelines posted on the machines and always having someone close by to look out for you if you need to endanger yourself.

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