RB & Woolies donates hygiene packages for meals on wheels

Sunday Brent with MoW volunteers Natasha Djurovic and Jacob Moyers

During the Covid-19 pandemic, RB and Woolworths have proven to be key supporters of Meals on Wheels.

The support continues with the donation of 50,000 hygiene packages to the non-profit organization.

The packs contain a variety of Glen 20 and Pine O Cleen products, including the Glen 20 surface spray disinfectant, which has been shown to kill the Covid-19 virus on hard surfaces *.

"While the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine is underway, home hygiene remains incredibly important, especially for Australians at risk," said Sharyn Broer, president of Meals on Wheels Australia.

"These hygiene kits from RB and Woolworths go a long way in helping our customers across the country have clean and healthy homes and we are incredibly grateful for their support."

Saurabh Jain, Marketing Director at RB Hygiene ANZ, adds: “As we continue to fight Covid-19, we are proud to continue to support Meals on Wheels.

"We admire their commitment to serving vulnerable elderly Australians and are impressed with their ability to maintain the high standards of support they offer their customers even amid a global pandemic."

Partnership full of advantages

John Loaders, Woolworths Household and Pet Merchandise Manager, said: “Building on the strong partnership Woolworths has forged with Meals on Wheels, the opportunity with RB will further fuel our commitment to customer safety, especially the elderly, vulnerable and isolated Australian. ”

The distribution of the hygiene packages begins at the end of April. Woolworths and Meals on Wheels are working to ensure that the volunteers can access the packs for their customers on-site via pre-installed Everyday Rewards cards.

* Always read the label. Use only as directed.

^ Glen 20 and Pine O Cleen purchases from March 24th through May 4th. Donations start at the end of April / May.

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