Add vegetation to your inside utilizing these 6 beautiful inside concepts

Renovating your interiors with just a work of art, craft or sculpture has been replaced by plants in recent years. But decorating indoors with plants is not an easy task. Growing plants is always a matter of luck. Many people are interested in decorating their empty room or living area with plants, but they will be disappointed when the plants die off and turn into garbage in a few days. However, some people are more fortunate with plants, and since they are cheaper than high-end art, they are great choices for decorating.

A few years ago, people only used plants on their balconies or on the roof. But nowadays they are also used to decorate interiors. The idea is becoming more and more popular with people's fascination for environmental protection and sustainable living.

The advantages of plants inside include:

  • They make people feel relaxed
  • They improve concentration, including the ability to remember
  • They improve air quality, especially when the outside air is too cold or too hot to keep the windows open

So what are you waiting for? Organize your indoor space more aesthetically with some plants. You can also fill the empty space of your home with the help of our six stunning interior design suggestions:

1. Give your old pots a new look

We often throw away our old mugs or used pots. Instead of throwing them away, we can reuse them with different plants in a nice way. These old pieces will look interesting when filled with a monstera plant. In recent years, the number of Monstera lovers has increased due to its beautiful natural pattern and an interesting cleavage of the leaves. They can easily be found in your nearby kindergarten.

2. Add some color to your white wall

Are you bored of looking at your white wall and thinking about painting it a wild color? Before resorting to these, hang some pots on your walls and plant some pothos, commonly known as "money plants". The plants are quite easy to grow and do not require regular maintenance or sun exposure. They are almost impossible to kill. You can also paint the pots to make them look more vibrant and alive.

3. Organize your workplace with a piece of nature

Nowadays, most of us work from home instead of going to an office. You may be sitting in one place for a long time. Decorate some interesting air plants to add liveliness to your home office and to continuously enjoy the fresh air. The plants can be grown without roots in the ground, and a regular stream of water is enough to keep them alive even indoors. The plants give your home work station an elegant, yet earthy look. You can also stick a small air plant in a tiny sculpture or piece of driftwood.

Add plants to your interior using these 6 wonderful interior ideas - plant

4. Build a green kitchen

A kitchen is a place where we have to spend time on a regular basis. When you renovate the kitchen with some plants, fixing dinner or doing the dishes is a pleasure rather than a chore. You can also plant vegetables or herbs on your kitchen balcony or windowsill. The vegetable garden keeps the air cleaner and fresh vegetables are always a healthier alternative than what you buy in the store. You can use pots, glasses, or old bowls to create the look.

Add plants to your interior using these 6 gorgeous interior ideas - green kitchen

5. Refurbish with something green

Instead of buying new furniture, you can improve the look and be more environmentally friendly by giving the old pieces a new style. You can add some shelves to your corner stand or make some pocket shelves next to your bed to grow some house plants. The same goes for old chairs and bookcases; You can paint them and fill them with interesting plants to make a fashion statement. You can also make a small shelf next to your bedroom window and plant a tree with some downward facing leaves.

6. Give an empty corner a green note

You can always put a tall tree in the middle of your living room or next to a sofa. Some also like to decorate with indoor palms like kentia palm, salon palm, guard palm, etc. A large cactus is also seen as an attractive choice. Many people also adorn their middle table tops with an oversized plant. The new look enriches the view and creates a refreshing atmosphere.

Final thoughts:

Interior decoration without green seems almost incomplete these days. Gardening used to be considered just a hobby, but in recent years people have become more interested in decorating their interior with plants. Initially the concept was limited to cacti and bonsai, but every day more and more types of plants are taking up their place indoors. Most plants, however, are very easy to care for. Cleaning the pots or changing the soil every few months will keep the plant green and healthy for a long time. Just be careful not to walk over water. It will kill the plant and possibly invite insects to settle down.

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