With the five-step RFID resolution, you possibly can safely return to work within the hospitality business

United Kingdom

InvoTech offers a completely contactless and secure solution for all employees in the cloakroom and in the household who deal with bed linen, uniforms and laundry activities in just five simple steps.

Using the UHF RFID laundry system enables the entire inventory to be managed. Processing laundry items and tracking daily movement is easy and safe. The recording is automated and linen items are identified by simply routing the textile items via an RFID counter antenna, a mass reading station or InvoTech's portable RFO handheld reader.

With the UHF RFID uniform system, operators can securely distribute uniforms and get employees back to work without physical contact. Consistent transaction processing and recording are automated by simply routing the unified elements over an RFID counter antenna, bulk reader station, or portable handheld RFID reader.

Here are the 5 easy steps in implementing InvoTech UHF RFID systems to improve performance while keeping your employees safe:

1. Attach tags: RFID tags are attached to every piece of uniform and / or leash. These UHF RFID laundry tags can be sewn into textile articles or heat-sealed. They last up to 3 years or 200 wash cycles.

2. Create inventory: To create the inventory, information is entered into the system to identify and track each piece. Each individual article is linked to a unique UHF RFID identifier.

3. Maintain PAR levels in the storage rooms and assign uniforms: Laundry items are constantly tracked, quantities and types are recorded as they are sent to the laundry and storage rooms. Uniforms are assigned to employees using an electronic signature capture terminal that records employee signatures when uniforms are assigned. These procedures Eliminate the need for physical contact No paper is required to keep records and print reports.

4. Manage laundry activity: The InvoTech system tracks laundry activity by identifying each item sent to laundry and returning each item clean. Without touching uniform or underwear and maintaining a safe distance from dirty and / or clean objects. The InvoTech system allows you to scan items from a safe distance (up to 6 feet), get an accurate count, and automatically update the inventory records of items sent and received to the laundry.

5. Contactless management: Comprehensive inventory control throughout the life cycle of every textile item – from shopping to daily use and laundry activity to final disposal. The system knows exactly where all items are. The InvoTech systems provide more than 100 reports detailing all aspects of the cloakroom and cleaning process, including laundry costs.

“We continuously develop innovations and supply our customers with solutions that comply with the new hygiene standards and guidelines for a safe working environment. We make it easy and our system supports smooth and secure operation using UHF RFID technology. Manage laundry activities with reduced contact with textiles and keep a safe distance from dirty and / or clean bed linen. "Said Oswald Lares, Director Sales & Marketing at InvoTech Systems, Inc.

Implementing our system can reduce non-theft losses by 100%, reduce labor costs by 50% and control external laundry costs. Eliminate traditional labor-intensive tasks like manual sorting, counting, and recording to reduce operational costs. Using the handheld portable RFID reader with InvoTech Mobile software eliminates the need for physical contact.

The InvoTech systems can be easily configured and scaled to meet customer requirements. A typical system installation takes 3 to 5 days. InvoTech installers complete the installation, implementation and training.

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