Fashionable design concepts that may enhance your rest room

While every part of the home deserves an upgrade, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is a place to start and end your day. There is not only space for necessity, but also relaxation.

There are many ways you can improve your bathroom. The modern look is a trending style these days and you might want to apply it to the space. The contemporary look is minimalist but aesthetic. With some of these ideas, it's easy to achieve.

Wood accents

When you think of modern, it doesn't quite have the relaxing vibe that you expect from your bathroom. However, modern can be warm with a touch of natural elements. The use of wood materials for the beams, vanities, shelves, cabinets and racks is a nice accent to bring out the modern look. Your bathroom could look plain as the entire space is wrapped in tile. Adding wood materials can give the design a different texture.

Accent wall

The bathrooms are not only functional, but also aesthetically designed. They usually look boring, but this can be changed as you upgrade your bathroom walls. You can also be bold in your designs by creating an accent wall to brighten up the room. Accent walls are a great way to upgrade the style while keeping the minimalist look. You can place the accent wall over the door so that it appears first when you enter the room. It is usually placed on the shower walls to highlight this area.


If you have trouble deciding what to do because you are thinking of adding different elements to enhance the space, then you can go back to the basic design tiles. You have to keep in mind that modern means simple so that you don't have to give yourself a hard time. Only with tiles can you bring different elements into the room. Tile options are endless; You can choose from different shapes, colors and themes. Other than that, you can play around with the layout. Geometric shapes play an important role in achieving a modern look. You can place subway tiles diagonally to deviate from the traditional look. You can also use other tile shapes like hexagons.


To be modern means to create something new and think outside the box. When you think of the shower room you think of tiles, but you can also go for other materials like wallpaper. Putting wallpaper on in your bathroom is a quick and easy upgrade. Wallpaper is a cheap alternative for concrete, tiles, wood and other materials. Several minimalist wallpaper designs can mimic this. There are also structured options that can spice up the space.

Floating vanities

Another element in a contemporary design is space. It has to look spacious and clean. A practical way to accomplish this is to install floating vanity tops. Since they are floating in the air, there is more floor space. It will also add to the modern look if you put lights under the vanities to emphasize the floating effect.

Modern design ideas that will improve your bathroom - floating washbasins


A modern hack to upgrading your bathroom is to use different metals. Metals add a new layer to the overall design. It can be used as an accent and highlight to achieve a finished look. Remember to add metals in small doses in a variety of areas. For example, you can use chrome-plated shower heads and faucets and then use brass for the lights.

Little details

The finishing touches and small details take the design to another level. These details usually solve the general challenges or problems of creating a modern design. Modern designs may be colorless and feel rigid or too sterile. Since the space can be filled with sharp lines and edges, add curves by placing candles on the vanity to soften the look. You can also hang an oval or a circular mirror. To add color, you can use flowers or even put a colored frame in your mirror.

You can even change the way your bathroom looks as simple as customizing shampoo and conditioner bottles. Keeping the space tidy and organized will make the space more comfortable. This may seem like a minor matter, but it can have a huge impact on the overall design. A modern design is what you need for your bathroom if you prefer a simple, minimal and clean look. The modern look isn't limited to these adjectives, however. It can still be brave, warm, and welcoming. With these design ideas, your bathroom can get a makeover that it really deserves. The use of different materials and the creative use of these materials will make your modern design successful. Also, don't forget about the little details and subtleties that unify the whole look.

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