Vegemite celebrates Australia's cultural variety

Vegemite encourages Aussies to celebrate the diversity of cultures, languages ​​and flavors of Australia by sharing a number of different ways to enjoy Vegemite.

In the spirit of Harmony Week and to celebrate Australia's melting pot of cultures and flavors, Vegemite has released a number of recipe ideas inspired by the country's rich heritage – think Vegemite Pho or Vegemite Stir Fry.

As part of celebrating Australia's diverse culture, Vegemite also puts our country's rich multiculturalism at the center of the Australian landscape. The brand launched large-scale outdoor advertising with Vegemite's "classic" headline, "Tastes Like Australia," which has been translated into the top 10 most widely spoken languages ​​in the country – Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic, Italian, Greek, Tagalog, Hindi, Spanish and English. The multilingual ads are also published on social media.

Quoting data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Vegemite says nearly half (49%) of Australians were either born abroad or one or both parents were born in another country. Unsurprisingly, Vegemite claims, Australian households speak more than 300 separately identified languages.

“Australia is a wonderful and truly unique nation, but above all diverse and multicultural,” says Jacqui Roth, Marketing Manager at Bega Cheese.

Like the platypus and the great shrimp, Vegemite is a symbol of Australia's national identity. We therefore feel obliged to recognize how important different cultures were in shaping our country and our national cuisine.

“The past year has shown us how unique Australia is and how great we are as a country. We want to encourage Aussies to celebrate our culture and the ingredient that makes us great – our people. What could be nicer than enjoying the mix of flavors that make up the flavor of Australia and celebrating the different languages ​​spoken Down Under. "

The new Vegemite recipes will be available on the Vegemite website and social media. Australians are also invited to share their favorite nontraditional dishes with Vegemite by posting on Instagram with the hashtag #TastesLikeAustralia.

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