Spring Dwelling Upkeep Guidelines

When winter starts, it's a perfect time to get around the house to work. Longer days and more sunlight that comes with spring can only motivate you to take better care of your home. Taking advantage of the warmer temperatures and preparing your home for summer will make you feel great! No wonder “spring cleaning” is something that many cultures have practiced for centuries.

“Spring cleaning” can also refer to getting big, tough tasks done. This is the right time to get rid of the old and start with the new. While doing your regular chores, it is easy to forget some important things. Creating a home maintenance checklist will ensure that you are completing all of the required tasks. This also helps you avoid surprises and preserve your property value. If you want to stay organized, we recommend taking a look at our spring house maintenance checklist.

Replace old mattresses, sheets, and pillows

Spring is the perfect time to replace old mattresses. Most people don't change their sheets or mattresses as often as they should and experience insomnia or sleep disorders. Waking up refreshed to face the longer, sunnier days could be the best thing that can happen to you this spring! Try to choose sheets that are made from natural materials like cotton. It breathes easily and doesn't make you sweat like many polyester blends. This is especially true for kids' bedding – many popular designs and branded sheets just aren't natural and contain a lot of plastic! If choosing a mattress seems complicated, read the hacks on mattress-guides.net for tips and to find out what is best.

Retrofit your windows and doors

Replacing windows and doors is critical to maintaining the energy efficiency of your home. Colder temperatures will put a lot of stress on your windows, which can lead to energy leaks and higher energy costs. The same goes for doors. If you want to save on energy costs, make sure your doors and windows are in good condition.

Replace worn roof shingles

A worn roof can pose a security risk to your home. Since shingles are one of the first signs of wear and tear, replace them before they become dangerous. This doesn't mean replacing your entire roof, but rather doing a thorough inspection, especially where the gutters are installed or along the seams where your chimney meets the roof. Leaks tend to develop there first.

Clean gutters

A clogged gutter can give you a huge headache. If you want to avoid unnecessary problems, schedule a gutter cleaning service after the winter season – this is a difficult time for gutters. This also applies to dirt brought in by snow and wind. You can do this yourself, but if your roof and gutters are too high, calling someone who has a cherry picker is a good idea!

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist - Cleaning Gutters

Clean your chimney and maintain it properly

Your chimney should be cleaned and properly maintained at least once a year. This will maximize the service life and prevent serious problems in the future. A clean and properly maintained chimney will allow smoke leaving your home to flow smoothly through it instead of being hindered by clogs. If you've been using your fireplace over the winter, this is a great way to end the season.

Remove dead or rotten branches from trees

You need to remove dead branches from trees before new foliage grows. This will prevent the dead branches from becoming a fire hazard or damaging the structure of your home and will help the tree grow properly throughout spring. This also applies to fruit trees!

Change the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms

A smoke or carbon monoxide detector can save your life in the event of a fire or electrical problem in your home causing a carbon monoxide leak. It is important to change the batteries in these detectors frequently so that they can function properly when needed. This is a great time to remember to do so!

Make sure your faucets still have enough flow pressure

There are many things that can cause water problems in your faucets and pipes. The wrong choice of water pressure system can also damage your pipes if the water freezes in winter. Too much pressure can cause printing to pause when the water is turned off. Old valves can malfunction and so on. If water does not come out of one or more taps, schedule a plumber as soon as possible. This is another problem that people tend to put off "for later."

Wipe off any mold or mold with a mixture of bleach and water

Powdery mildew is almost inevitable in the spring when it's warm outside. However, it needs to be handled properly to prevent it from spreading to other areas of your home or damaging objects or surfaces. You should wipe any moldy surfaces with a mixture of bleach and water mixed in equal parts and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before rinsing with clean water. Use a damp cloth or sponge to clean moldy surfaces as it is much safer than using hot water. Also, remember not to use a broom when cleaning mold as it can spread to other surfaces in your home. Instead, get a vacuum cleaner and use some long-bristled brushes to make sure you remove any mold from the surface where you find them. Remember, mold grows well in fabrics, so don't put wet clothes or towels anywhere without drying them first!

Check for carpenter ants and treat them accordingly if necessary

It is natural for ants to come out in spring as new sources of food become available as winter ends and spring begins, but not all ants are harmless! Some types, like carpenter ants, can damage wood! If you want to make sure you solve this problem before it gets out of hand, watch out for all types of ants that come into your home in the spring! They can only be a sign of bigger problems! If you see ants coming into your house in the spring, give us a call so we can get rid of them for you!


Spring is the time for cleaning, but also for taking care of long-forgotten tasks that should be done every now and then. While it may seem like a lot of work, getting these things done is very satisfying. Spring is also a time for new beginnings. Remember to start it right when this long to-do list is completely ticked off!

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