Chobani expands the multi-serve vary

Chobani has added two new flavors to its 907g multi-purpose tub range: mango and passion fruit.

According to the brand, the impact of Covid-19 has shifted towards larger tub formats in the yogurt category as people spend more time at home and don't need portable single-serving formats as often.

Speaking specifically about the Chobani brand, Julia Clark, General Manager Sales & Category, said it saw "significant growth" in the 907g range in March and April 2020.

"This coincided with most of the nationwide bans that showed us a link between people spending more time at home and enjoying the multi-purpose tubs with their families," she says.

"This trend has continued until 2021 and we are pleased to offer this category more variety."

The 907 g cups with mango and passion fruit will be added to the existing range of low-fat, low-fat whole milk, low-fat vanilla and low-fat Greek yogurt with strawberry mixture.

The new flavors are now available in Coles supermarkets nationwide and from select independent retailers.

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