High renovation suggestions in your laundry

Give your laundry room a whole new look with these top renovation tips and ideas!

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The most exciting room in the house is never considered laundry. In fact, this is the space that many people dislike most because of the jobs that come with it. However, this part of a property is essential and is widely used. So if you are thinking of doing a home renovation in 2021, give your laundry a facelift too. Here are some top tips on how to design this space week after week to look and feel the best for practical living.

Know what you want to achieve

Before you start planning your new wash or gutting your current wash, stop and think carefully about what you want to accomplish with the renovation. What specific goals do you have in mind for this part of your company?

For example, is there a set budget to work around, want to expand and enlarge the space to fit more appliances or storage, or is it more about making the area more appealing, cleaner and fresh? Perhaps you have other goals that are in the foreground? This focus can be different for everyone. Therefore, determine what is important to you before proceeding. The clearer you are about the results you want to achieve, the more effectively you can plan, project and purchase supplies.

Analyze ventilation

Many people have problems with their laundry because the space was an afterthought when the house was designed or had to be put in a badly advised room. If this is the case in your home, you may be frustrated that your laundry is not properly ventilated. You may find that your appliances, cabinets, supplies, clothing, and other items get too damp, moldy, and mold-infested over time, no matter how much you clean.

Proper airflow is critical in laundries. So if your room doesn't have a door, you can leave it open, or at least a large window or two smaller ones to let in fresh air, then it's time to fix the problem. Find a contractor in your area who can install the right options for the space. Find out about Chicago window companies online or elsewhere for suggestions from specialists who can help you with this job.

Choose Appliances Early On

Don't go too far into your new room design and implementation before choosing equipment for the room. If you plan on upgrading your washer or dryer, select the replacements early to make sure they will fit and their colors go well with the overall laundry design. (You can buy white goods in all sorts of light shades these days.) You need to know whether you are stacking machines on top of each other or buying combination products.

It is much easier to know the height, width, and depth of equipment and then plan the cabinets around them than to get everything done and realize that you have a big problem with sizing when you set up machines. When measuring devices, consider not only the actual dimensions of each device, but also the space required around it.

For example, you need space to open doors, and appliances also need a ventilation area on each side. When planning, also take into account drains, gas supply lines and hot and cold water pipes.

Add plenty of bench and storage space

To create the laundry of your dreams, you should make sure that you have enough bench and storage space in the room. This setting is important if you want to sort and fold clothes while you're doing the laundry, and not in other areas of the house. Having enough space to work will make the task easier, especially if you want to sit down while doing chores such as ironing or folding.

Keep other practices in mind

There are other practical aspects to consider as well. For example, think of:

  • When you need drying room for your items and a clothes room
  • Better ways to organize and store supplies like a built-in ironing board, laundry chute, or dirty laundry basket
  • Ways to minimize machine noise when laundry is near an office or other room where you want quiet
  • When you need child-proof, lockable cabinets for hazardous chemicals to keep in your laundry
  • When the room is adequately lit.

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