Easy and efficient hacks to keep up your air conditioner

Maintaining your air conditioner will save you money on both repair bills and utility bills. There are a few tasks you can do without calling an expert. Please ensure that the air conditioning system is always switched on both on the device and on the main distribution board in your house before cleaning or maintenance.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable doing any of these tasks, please contact an expert. For example, you can look for an air conditioner that Salt Lake City offers professionally. They can also help with maintenance.

Keep your air conditioner clean

Look at the outside part of your HVAC unit. Shared units have both an indoor fan and an outdoor condenser unit. Packaged systems have everything in one unit. The condensing unit works more efficiently when it is kept clean. Check the grill, as well as the device in which the slats are located. Clean everything with a vacuum cleaner or a brush and rag. You can also flush the slats from the inside by spraying water from a garden hose. However, don't apply too much pressure.

While you're out here, check the area around the device. Make sure that leaves and other foreign objects cannot get into the device. Perhaps cut back branches and clean the immediate area. Check and clean the blower unit in your home. The blower unit has capacitor coils that work better even when they are functioning properly. Refer to the owner's manual for instructions on cleaning the two parts of the split HVAC unit. Would you like to know how air conditioning works at home? Check out this infographic from Energy.gov.

Straighten the fins of the condenser unit

The fins are located in the condenser unit (outside of your house). All bent fins reduce the heat exchange. The device works harder and uses more power to do the same job. You can use a blunt tool like a butter knife to gently straighten the fins. Be careful not to straighten or damage the slats. You can find advice online on how to keep your fins straight. The fins have a hollow part and they need it to function. You can also buy a special tool for straightening the fins if you find the blunt knife risky. Check with your local hardware store.

Simple and Effective Hacks for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner - Filters

Replace the filter

Replace the fan unit filter. A blocked filter reduces efficiency and over time increases operating and maintenance costs. The filter is located either on the fan in the room or on the grill, where the return air is blown into the room. To do this, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you get a suitable filter for your device and use case.

Check your home for air leaks

If your insulation is well installed and doors and windows seal well, your air conditioner won't have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. Check windows and doors regularly for air leaks. Also, check the seals around the plumbing and piping that goes from your home to the outside. One final note is that if you find any damage to the blower unit or condenser unit, it is time to call an expert. Another indication that it might be time for an expert to look at your air conditioner is when you hear noises from the unit inside or outside your home that you may not have noticed before.

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