Space shaping to maneuver preferences

According to Dairy Australia & # 39; Dairy Situation and Outlook & # 39; retailers continue to see “increased sales” of dairy products. Nielsen Homescan data shows that sales of milk and yellow spreads rose 4.6% and 8.7% respectively (as of 1/11/20). and cheese and yogurt rose 6.4% and 5.3% respectively (as of 6/27/20).

The Dairy Australia report released in December also noted that the reopening of the foodservice operation in Victoria and the relaxation of capacity limits in other states had a “positive impact” on the demand for dairy products from non-food channels.

While the continued strength of demand is encouraging, according to Dairy Australia, consumers are also leaning towards larger pack sizes, which are usually offered at a discount, with some premium lines coming under pressure.

"As consumers drop from the 'sugar high' caused by the easing of restrictions and income pressures mount from the wider economic recession, price-conscious shopping may become more dominant," the national agency said.

At the Finder Retail Awards 2020/2021, Riverina Fresh (best-rated fresh milk brand), Bonsoy (best-rated nut / plant-based milk brand) and Woolworths (best-rated long brand) were the most popular brands (life milk brand), Bega (best-rated cheese brand), Western Star (best-rated butter brand) ), Gippsland (top rated yogurt brand) and Yumi & # 39; s (top rated dips brand).

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The post-range shaping feature for changing preferences first appeared in Retail World Magazine.

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